So Ugly They're Cute...not!

I was standing out on my back deck one night smoking a cig & I heard this rustling in the bushes.  I just assumed it was a cat.  We have so many that roam around.  So, I didn't pay to much attention.  When I looked up---Eeek... a possum about 3 feet from me looking right at me!  I froze. I absolutley had no desire to touch him at all! 

After some sniffing, he turned and went away.  Maybe he didn't like my cigarette smoke! 

darlene darlene
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7 Responses Dec 20, 2007

hey.i like your story but I have to sleep now! 4 am in the UK!

cute story i like it ...

cute story i like it ...

Nasty, filthy little possumses. I hates them.

James, are you calling yourself a druken rodent? Would the smell of my cigarette smoke scare you off?

Yeah you don't usually want to get too close to them. But they don't have the fear response that other animals do it seems, they get closer to us than most other animals.

Oh wow...the damn things have sharp teeth!<br />
And the hissing...eek!