Love Has Came True



                              I know that al my life I was looking for love and not forever be alone, but then when I stoped searching and looked to my Higher Powers there u came in that door, and there u swept me off my feet!! I have never felt this way before, yeah I was engaged to be married once too someone I dated for 10 yrs straight, but it was only a fantasy jump to the first person that asked me, but then I opened my eyes and my body started to take physical abuse as well as my mind that took emotional abuse, I am glad that I left that person! I have always heard that when u do not look for love, a door in ur life will stand right in front of u awatting u too open it and see what's on the other side and if u do not, u'll loose a great oppurinty in ur life that has came ur way, so I took a leap into that door and there u were standing in front of me, awatting for me to love u and u too love someone!!! I have never felt so beatiful, I have never felt so happy before, I have never been swept off my feet in love ever, and nor I have ever thought there was someone out there for me, but through my Higher Powers, Frank I have realized in slow time each and every day I awake beside u that u are my soul mate, and when u told me that u and I were meant all along to be destined to be forever soul mates and life partners, I couldn't help but feel thoes beatiful and amazing firecrackers go off inside my heart, I cannot explain the happiness I felt, for I have felt the same way for a long time but I was too afarid to say anything, for I wanted us to take time and see how each other felt but yet I didn't want to scare u or make u run away from my gentle and loving heart, which beats so strongly for u the love of my life!!!! But then when u told me that I realized, " We are on the same page with our feelings towards not only our raltionship but with what our hearts are beating and saying to eachother"!!! Frank I love u so much, I really do wanna spend the rest of my life with u and grow old with u, I pray that if its in our Higher Powers will, that one day my dreams will come true as well as ur's, for us to be together forever and grow old together, " for growing old is an honor and a priavlge, not people get that chace too see and experince it, I pray we will together!!!




Deactied to my bf Frank

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ty too all my supporters & as well as my readers of my stories & my buddies too ty again:}

You are lucky to have found someone that perfect for you. I am happy for you.