I Need to Get Out My Rut

i simply need to get out this rut im in.. i have no real friends at all
each day goes by i browse the internet. watch tv, clean house. and maybe shopping alone.
When will this circle of nothing end...

SimplyPlainS SimplyPlainS
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7 Responses Mar 3, 2009

you may find in a small town ,others like you ,try here to invite ,othere like you.they may have the same trouble.join a club,or invite for drink.and talk to others like you.

really im in a small town and there isnt much going on

but what do i do go alone? cos all my friends drifted since i had children and marraige and now children are growing im seperated etc i rly dont know

I agree with kazwaz. Being lonely is a state of mind. This is a big problem. With the way the world is today. It has become very impersonal. You don't have to leave your home if you have a computer. Surely you know a few people around. Try a coffee shop meeting one day a week. Maybe like kazwaz said take a class or two. Or even if you are married or have a bf find someone to baby sit for you and go out. If money is short. surely you can find a nice place to go and have a picnic. Talk to us all you want. I'll be a friend if you like. I am sure here on EP you will find many more.

A motorcycle or scooter (Mod or Rocker?) brings tons of opportunities to meet fun new friends. Do they have meetup dot com in the UK? Lots of nice special interest groups, womens groups, hobby groups, etc. Women need girlfriends! Husbands & children are blessings but they're not girlfriends! And of course you have us here at ep. I get into a rut, too, though... gotta push myself to climb out!

Sometimes you can be in a house full of people and still feel lonely. Lonlieness is a state of mind, but now you're on EP, you will find at least a few people you have something in common with, but if you want someone to do things with, a friend who you can meet up with, you could maybe sign up for a night class, or take a course at your local college - that way, you'll be more likely to find someone who has lots in common with you. <br />
Good Luck!

Wow we are very much alike! My husband helped me tonight make a decision to do something because I wanted to and not do something else just because somebody else wanted me to. I find that I really need to make time for ME and that helps me feel better. Take care!