You're Not Going Believe What Happened To My Car!

I took my daughter to a fast food place here in Spokane. Once we set out to leave I tried to start the car to know avail. Once my son and I had located that the problem was the do to the fact that the fuel pump had gone out, and not having the money to have my van towed, we pushed her out into the street, so we could fix it. 

Now the pump is in the gas tank, which was full at the time. Therefore it was determined that we use two jacks. One to lift the automobile, and the second was used to support the weight of the tank. I had removed one of the rear tires, to give myself an extra bit of room to work. 

I was under the car on the passenger side of the car removing the bolts, hoses, and what not, to drop the gas tank. My son was slightly under the back end operating the jack that was holding the load of the gas. I was using a floor jack to pick the van up, and the only other jack we had was a scissor jack, so that was being used to hold the fuel reservoir.  

While I was under my van I noticed that I need a different size tool. So I started to slide out from under. That was the exact time when it happened. Both jacks failed. The Van collapse on the two of us! 

In the first few seconds of complete darkness, because I could not open my eyes, I had three thoughts race though my mind. The first one was that two of my high school friends were going to get me out. This was diminished by remembering that one was no living in Everett, WA. And the other had already passed away. Immediately I thought my son will get me out. Then I realized that I could not here hem. I guessed that he must also be trapped under the van. Since I could not hear hem I believed he must be unconscious. This took me to my third thought, and with my eyes now opening up and my thought posses returning, I knew that I had to get myself out. I had one leg and one arm totally pined. My other arm was movable, but it was pined in a wing shaped position. So using the on leg and the wig arm I wiggled, pulled and dragged myself out from under the vehicle. This gave me cuts and scratches over my face and arms. As well as ahead that felt like it had been pulled out of a vise. 

As I lay with little ability to move, my son came running around the van, and asking me if I was OK. He had been hit in the head and was incoherent for a bit. I told him I was OK. Then I used my right arm to hold my head and neck to keep them from moving. With my left I pulled out my cell and called 911.

Then someone pulled up in a car, but did not get out and said that he would call 911. He also stuck around until the press arrived, and explained how he pulled the two of us out from under the car. When EMS arrived they took use to two different local hospitals. My son did not need as much medial help as I did. He was treated and released the same day. I was taken to the largest hospital in Spokane. I had to spend a week there.

 My son recorded the news coverage so I could see how the man who never left his car, until the reporters got there told how he saved the two of us. My mom brought the news paper article telling about how the Spokane Fire Department had worked feverishly to rescue the two men from under the van. I still have this news paper article up on my refrigerator.

doctorirwin doctorirwin
46-50, M
May 15, 2012