Girls With Freckles Are Hot!

Hello everyone!  First off let me say that I don't have freckles myself anymore.  I had a nice sprinkling of them across my nose and cheeks as a boy, but they've all faded away since then.

The reason I decided to come on here is because ever since I was a little boy I have been extremely attracted to girls with freckles!  The more freckles a girl has the HOTTER I think she looks.

The gays say they were born that way, well if that's so, then I was born "Freckles Obsessed!"  My dad even told me that as young as four years old, I was chasing this little redheaded girl, with tons of freckles, around in the neighborhood.  My dad also said that I used to sit next to her with my arm around her all the time.

By the time I was five, I had my first girlfriend, Susan, who had a face full of freckles.  I remember I specifically liked her because of her freckles!

I also couldn't get enough of girls with freckles on TV, or at the movies.  Shows like Punky Brewster and the movies Pippi Longstocking, and The Parent Trap, were awesome, not because of their plots or anything, but because I got to see freckles.  I suppose you could say they were my "**** flicks" while I was growing up.

As a teenager, I knew the name of every girl with freckles at my High School.  I would even bookmark the pages in my Yearbook, so I could look them up faster when I needed a quick "Freckle Fix."  I also would not even consider dating a girl unless she had freckles.  Freckles were, and still are, the first asset I look for on a girl before asking her out on a date.

There is no such thing has having too many freckles, or too dark of freckles either.  I'm a white guy, but I find Black girls with tons of freckles all over her face to be the most beautiful of all.  Yes, I have seen light-skinned black girls with dark reddish-brown hair with the most amazing freckles on their face.  When near a girl like that, I cannot function as a human being.  I just stare in speechless awe of their beauty.  It's like being in the presence of a god!

Someday I plan on marrying a lady covered with tons of freckles!  It has been kinda hard to find her though.  It seems that a lot of girls get weirded out when they discover why I am so attracted to them.  This has been very depressing to me.

It seems that it's okay if a guy is obsessed over big boobs and stuff, but I guess freckles are a no-no.

At least I've discovered a web site dedicated to guys like me who are totally obsessed with freckles on their women.  This has been an awesome blessing for us.  The only bad thing about it is, it's an adult web site.  I wish it were open to all ages, because I feel that girls needs to know at a very young age, how beautiful their freckles are and how accepted they can be.

Kids are so cruel to each other, and when they see an uncommon trait on someone, they pick on you for it.  In the case of freckles, this must STOP!

For those of you who are interested here is the link to that Freckle-Lover's web site:

There you will also find links to many other web sites dedicated to those of us who love freckles!

Freckles ROCK!


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6 Responses Aug 17, 2008

Hmm that's really cool, I have a tonne of freckles, pale skin that won't tan no matter what I do and reddish hair. It sucks!!!!!

freckles are the best, specially in blond girls.. <br />
there are lots of guys they love them.. please don't take them away!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a Black lady with the same coloring you described--dark reddish-brown hair with a smattering of freckles across my nose. Although, if you saw me, you'd just probably assume I'm Biracial or Latina. But I identify as Black.<br />
<br />
My coloring is a definite family trait on my dad's side.....but he and some of his other siblings have way redder hair and way more freckles than I do. I inherited the "diluted" version, I guess LOL. It's funny because neither his dad NOR his mom had red hair/freckles. And it's funny because strangers in my small hometown can identify which family I belong to as soon as they see me.<br />
<br />
Here is a website I know you will enjoy....!<br />
<br />

Well if only I knew a guy that liked my freckles then I'd be happy haha

Oddly enough freckles are a segment of cyberspace that hasn't been hyper-commercialized and over hyped, at least for now. I'm a genuine freckle lover (on females) and that seems to place me in a somewhat esoteric category.<br />
Anyway, I started a blog to share some alluring freckle photos with like-minded freckle freaks. I try to add 15 new photos almost every day.<br />
You can find it right here- <br /><br />

warm heartfelt content with a positive twang,I bet you can still see them with the help of a ultra violet"black lite"At least Mine on my face that seemed to have faded away,pop right out with true u.v.lite source. Check it out,but limit your exposure...