Well, I have always had very pale skin. Pale enough that I look like Dracula's bride (except, not as pretty, and more vampire teeth.... 12). I have always had freckles as well. Which is funny... I used to play outside all the time when I was younger, but due to easy sunburn (and pure laziness) I stay inside now.... and still get more freckles! Now, you must be wondering why I titled this story "Cows". My uncle always used to say that I was following too closely behind a cow... thats his medical cause for freckles... *rolls eyes*
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lol yeah I know! Great comments, both of you. :)

ROFL at your uncle's definition of freckles! My Grandpa used to sing some corny song to my mom ( who is a red head, freckler) about " She has freckles on her butt... And she's Pretty!" I don't know the rest of the song. Anyone out there ever heard this diddy??