Freckled Pouty Lips

In a family of Cubans I some how appeared w/ red hair. Of course being with parents that actually met on Daytona Beach (during spring break) we spent lots of time in/on the water. This meant that I had more freckles than not and it also meant a permanent summer scab on my always burnt nose. Over the years the hair has changed colors numerous times but the freckles linger. My face is a bit lighter but my arms and shoulders are covered! I like my dots as does my 3 yr old. He has bath crayons and enjoys coloring them (and my tattoo). FRECKLES ARE FOR COOL PPL :) and yes... my lips have freckles too... MMUUAAHH!!
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7 Responses Jun 25, 2007

But of course you can... and when you finish with those there are a million others all over... *giggle/blush*

Can I count em? Lol<br />

hehe... me, mostly extremeties... arms, legs, shoulders, face oh and the back... just a few on the tummy but very light. Of course they all darken in the sun... and seem to multiply. I do love them though... they are ME!

I have freckles too---all over my body---it's a fantasy though that dot to dot comment---hmmm--someday---face/chest, belly/thighs/calves--yup--head to toe---

oh yes... that too... LOL

Wow, dot to dot in the bath sounds fun - makes me want to have freckles!

You can't change how you look, so you might as well enjoy it. Love those freckles :-)