They're Everywhere!

My body is covered in freckles. Actually I think a good number of them are moles, although I'm not sure the difference, except that a mole is bigger.  I've always been self conscious and a little embarrassed of my freckles and moles. My friends would have cute little freckles across their nose, mine were all over in different sizes and shades. Over the years I've really tried to accept them as making me unique, but little attention from boys led me to pick at every physical "imperfection". I'm still working on seeing myself as beautiful, but I have come to like that at least I don't look like everyone else.
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18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 26, 2007

I hate my freckles. I can't tan - all I get is freckles! I can't wait to be pale with no freckles anymore. It's so annoying.

freckles are GREAT! don't fret over them. I love girls with freckles. So I'm sure there are lots of other guys out there that do to.