Lost And Confused

I find myself inside of a large office type building with two levels.  There are N, S, W and E entrances, all of which appear alike.  I can not remember directions, I walk through both levels trying to find something that will trigger a memory of where I came in.  I continue to wonder about, stopping to browse occasionally so no one will notice that I can't find my way.  As I walk I am trying to figure out how I can get out of here and home.  I can't even recall my address, street names and I realize that this is likely because I am allowing extreme panic to keep me from straightening out my thoughts.  So I find a place to sit, grab a pen and paper and am finally able to come up with a familiar avenue and street crossing and decide to ask someone at a desk to call a cab for me which won't seem a strange thing to ask, however what am I going to tell the cab driver???  I cannot recall my address..........I see another lady my age who has totally lost it and is crying and people are surrounding her trying to help and I don't want this to be me!!!!!!!!!  Now I cannot even recall how I got here, did I drive, if so where is my car?  And where do I go when I find it?  Then I am awakened, totally exhausted and in a deep fog, I need to go back to sleep. 

Am I lost in life???  I have frequent dreams of being lost.........................

dedeinaz dedeinaz
61-65, F
Feb 16, 2010