Deja Vu

I have many dreams that come to pass. Unfortunately, I usually have so many dreams in a night I don't remember most of them even with a journal. So when I remember them its usually what people would call deja vu. I remember dreaming an entire experience while its happening. I had a spiritual advisor tell me that being in the situation I drempt of meant I was living my life according to destiny or predestination (which ever you prefer). I however think it sucks. If I can't remember then I can do nothing to change the path that I'm on leading me to making that dream a reality.
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1 Response Aug 13, 2010

I had someone tell me that it ment I was in the correct place in my life. Your comment says it better. I feel that when they occur I have to audibly recognize them and I try to become more aware of my surroundings.