Why You Ask..... I Have No Idea!?!?

My freinds are just weird to me, but as am i. They complain about the absolute most STUPIDEST things that i dont mean to do. For example a friend whos name will not be mentioned, i think is a very good, no great friend. I always think i treat her right. The deal is though she likes this boy, we played a game called "the sweetheart game". The whole point of the  game is that a boy or girl will get a heart, they must put their name on it, if that girl or boy talks to that girl or boy (lol :D) they have to give one another their heart, and your out. So anyways i go up to him and try and make him talk, his freind asked "well why do you want his heart so bad?" then i said i dont want it my friend does but i really didnt say that my freind wanted it. Then the "mystery guy" guessed who the "mystery girl" was and then i said O plaese heavens no..... then ran off back to the girl who wil not be named. The example was that when i did that i told her exactly what happened, she looked at me and said "Gosh you ruined my life". That really hurt my feelings, WHY YOU ASK? becasue the fact that it very, very, very much seemed like they both liked eachother so i found no big deal at all with it. Plus it really seemed like the "mystery girl" made it the most obvious thing that she liked the "mystery guy".

Thanks for reading there will be much more of my friends and my daily life to come please comment wheather or not you think it was stupid to do that to me. See you soon!! :D

lockerchick411 lockerchick411
13-15, F
Feb 15, 2010