It's True!

I have to admit it... I know several male lesbians... right here on EP.


I could be bribed to release their names.... heh heh heh!

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@ Bee : Funny conversation... lol...

I looked it up on Urban Dictionary and got a laugh from the last definition -<br />
<br />
6. male lesbian 38 up, 112 down love ithate it<br />
<br />
Some guy who thinks that being turned on by women kissing and grossed out by penises makes him a lesbian, apparently missing the fact that he's male. Male lesbians usually talk about how they're male lesbians all the time and expect actual lesbian/bi women to think this is awesome.<br />
Guy: I'm a male lesbian!<br />
Lesbian: What?<br />
Guy: Because I'm attracted to women, so I'd be a lesbian if I weren't a dude!<br />
Lesbian: ...again, what?<br />
Guy: Don't you think it's cool that I admire lesbians so much?<br />
Lesbian: No. Go away.

Ha ha. That made me chuckle. I think a man who says that actually identifies himself at least to some extent as female. perhaps wishing he was just a little. people might assume then that he wants to be with men. but on the contrary he is very much attracted to women. hence why he says he would be lesbian. there are no more mtf transgender who are attracted to men than in the general population in fact. at least that's what I've read about. lol.