Because My Medical Problems

when i was able to help move all the stuff they couldn`t and had plenty of money,oh yeah you couldn`t beat them that i`m more less crippled i never see them.the last time i saw one of them was 3 years ago.AND IT IS THER LOSS.i am glad.i don`t like pepole that are that shallow.and i am better off.i don`t wish them any harm,but they should have to experience it themselves.

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4 Responses Mar 19, 2009

You all have one awesome friend- yourself. You can always choose what you want to do and where to go and the arguments are usually won easily. I'm making light of this but have lost friends as I can be negative/ realistic and can sometimes focus on the wrong things. But that is who I am and I like me most the time. Stay strong. Losing a crap friend opens the door for a better one. X x

Karma. I was diagnosed bipolar at age 50. If you have any idea what a manic/psychotic episode is, you know what I went through. I've had about 4. All my friends became more and more scarce. My husband, soon to be ex, stood through all the problems I had; however, truth be told, he initiated every one of the episodes as he is very controlling, and I know now, abusive. bipolar is a mental condition and most people are afraid of it. I will admit I did some very crazy and embarassing things. I was even jailed. Now I'm old and no friends.

Yea, what’s up with that!<br />
I have two close friends . . . I mean really close. They got into relationships and now I am a write off. I am still amazed, quite honestly. It hurts.<br />
<br />
It is both funny and sad and tragic how things work out, but again, for those who stick around, those are the friends you can trust.<br />
<br />
Sometimes you don't need a reason for friends to act like a Putz. <br />
Sorry though none the less. I know it sucks!

I am sorry that you where treated so badly, Karma what comes around goes around. It is there loss :)