Because I Cut the Ties First

I had a small group of friends in highschool that I was very close too. We hung out at church, movies, etc.  Two years after being introduced of one of my friends' cousin, he (the cousin) asked me out.

Immediately, my friend, who through who I had met my now husband, quit talking to me but his reasons were bogus. He kind of was always the center of attention and heaven forbid his cousin not follow him around all day everyday. I figured he'd get over it and he did about a year later. However he spent that year telling my other friends some scandalous lies.

People, who I thought were my closest friends were now attacking me with accusations they were convinced were true. I thought they were my friends, why couldn't they at least ask me or just calmly talk to me about what they heard?! Luckily my best friend stayed by my side, but I blew off the rest of our circle of friends, because they clearly didn't think very highly of me.

Years later, I'm in college and I bump into one of those old friends. He made it very clear he wasn't going to talk to me. He wouldn't sit with the rest of the friends we shared because I was there--after persuasion, we managed to get him to join us after rearranging seats so that he was farthest away from me.

It kind of sucked but maybe I had asked for it. I don't regret my actions because he and the rest of the friends I left clearly were not true friends if they won't even hear me out.

I just don't see why we should shun each other when we've all changed from 4-5 years of life experience and maturity. I wouldn't even want to be good friends with any of them again, but that doesn't mean we can't acknowlegdge each other with a simple "hi" and minor small talk when it's called for.

lardyboys lardyboys
22-25, F
Mar 23, 2009