most of the time I'm glad they don't understand. I wouldn't put my worst enemy through a meth addiction- but it is impossible to understand what you've never experienced. so why do they try to tell me it's easy?

my friends have noticed and acknowledged how much I've changed since I started using two years ago. you would think they'd understand just a little bit, but they don't. they think the addiction is just all in my head. they think if I truly wanted to quit I could just put the pipe down. I wish it was that easy.

they know its been a while since I've been truly happy but I feel like they underestimate how sad I really am. my happiness is just one of the things meth stole from me but its no doubt made the biggest impact. I never used to be so depressed. I'm not the same anymore. I'll admit- this **** got to me. but not because I wanted it to or I let it. I unwillingly lost every aspect of my control to it; but they will never understand how that feels.

I wish it was easier for them. I wish they didn't have to go through it just to understand. I'm losing the remainder of my friends because they don't understand. how am I supposed to overcome this if what is supposed to be my support always doubts me?
addictionbarbie addictionbarbie
22-25, F
Jan 9, 2014