Friends With Benefits,should Continue Or Not?

I have been in a long distance relationship for about two years,I love him dearly and am sure will get married to him.I was in a physical relationship with him over 8 years but off late I have been feeling extremely miserable and lonely.This long abstinence is getting on my mind.I have this male friend with whom I talk with regularly even he is in a different country right now,so the other day we were talking on wassap and the topic got diverted towards sex.So we mutually decided to have an intimate chat and so we did,I must say I did enjoy it alot at that moment but right now I am just feeling very guilty not only because of my boyfriend but also because this other guy has always seen me as a respectful and committed girl,I got carried away in the moment.
I am trying to explain myself that is ok and nothing happened in real but still not convinced,so thought of expressing myself and getting an opinion from you guys...
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It's normal in distance relationship. Even my gf exp. The same with one of my close friend. And she enjoyed sexting with him.its all mind status.don't tk too much serious.

I think it is okay to have an "intimate but not involved" relationship. Human needs are complex.

Oh yes it did help me...i coming to terms that such moments of weakness do come and its only human to make mistakes.thank you for sharing ur story.

i have a similar problem. i dont think you should be so hard on yourself. we are living in strange times where you can fall in love with someone on the other side of the world and still talk to them face to face but have no physical contact. pretty weird.<br />
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i met a man in australia and i live in canada. i went to visit him last fall for 3 weeks! thats it! ever since i got home ive been feeling so sad. so sad that i have had to put him out of my mind totally or i would just be upset all day. luckily i have hobbies.<br />
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but i also have men friends, one of them i used to be with. we broke up because we fought, i wasnt ready to commit to him because my husband had been dead less than 2 yrs. he went out and bought me a ring! consequently he's been feeling really let down since i turned around and fell for my aussie friend who i had been talking with on line 6 mos. after my husband died. i really liked him but never thought about him seriously as he had a ep girlfriend. then when my local boyfriend and i fought and my aussie friend had broken up with his girlfriend, we talked a lot on the phone and he was so nice and not at all pushy and so understanding. and i couldnt stop myself from falling in love with him. i think i loved him since i met him really.<br />
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since ive been home ive been seeing my ex just as a friend because he has a new girlfriend but on two occassions we did have sex. i think my ep friend knows. hes never come out and said anything. he has told me i have to do what i feel is right. i dont know anymore. i do know that we all want to do the right thing and it might be easier now that my feelings have been accepted by all parties. <br />
i want to go back to australia or have him come here. i think i can control myself better now knowing that i am human and that they understand.<br />
hope this helps.

Thanks alot for your opinion it really does mean a lot to me right now..