I was dating a guy for just over a month and we had "talked" for about 3 months beforewe started dating. We both really liked each other but he ended up deciding he wanted to take a break. A few days after the break began he texted me saying he wanted to be just friends. His only reason for wanting to break up being that something felt missing but he claimed to still like me. We stayed good friends and one day he jokingly asked if id ever be friends with benefits with him. He was only joking but i considered the idea for a while. Eventially we agreed it wouldnt be a bad idea. We started hanging out 3to 4 days a week. We would drive around, go out to eat,watch movies together, and of course hook up for at least a little bit. I thought if i kept giving him what he wanted he would realize he missed me. My plan seemed to be working at least a little because he would text me 24/7 and act like he had feelings for me. Sadly our friendship ended when he started talking to a different girl the same day we last did stuff together. I was completly devistated when i realized no matter what he would never be mine. I tried not being his friend, but without him around i completly lost it. I stopped eatvfor a couple days and people around me kept asking what was wrong cause they could see the pain on my facw. The way i repsonded to losing him was dramatic and unhealthy..but at the same time uncontrolable. I had lost my best friend and first love and thats something i still struggle to get over even thouh ive been in the worlds most perfect relationship with someone else for a month now. I learned the hard way that the stupid little title "boyfriend" / "girlfriend" is actually necessary to a physical relationship.
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I did the same thing with my ex i planned to make him fall for me again but it didnt work guys like that just get what they want and leave when they get bored<br />
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My ex who was my fwb would leave for other girls but always comes back and admit that nobody can put up with his **** but me he was pretty messed up and that made me glad that he got what he deserves