I've been celibate for the last 6 months, I just got tired of having meaningless sex. I've been praying for a husband so I've been pretty good while waiting. I met this guy a couple months ago and I just want to hang out, he fun and cute, but not boyfriend material. I feel like if I go out with him and have some fun; that I am going to miss out on my blessings...I just want to know people thoughts on friends with benefits, and do u think I will miss out on finding true love if I back track?
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Go for true love only. Don't waist your time on a fake relationship. You need love, you need to be touched and you need someone that is going to connect and share your energy. Save yourself for the right man. Your body is part of the temple of Christ. Take care of yourself and don't get hurt.

I am here, girl..... Are you going to miss out?

Ok! Thanks

nope just accept it and enjoy then be happy about it.