My Enemy Became The Best Sex Of My Life

So blockhead and I have known each other since 8th grade (we're now 35) A mutual friend of ours purposely started to tell each of us things that we supposedly said about one another, none of it true. So all thru jr.high and high school I couldn't stand this boy, it wasn't til I was 23 that we finally began talking. I had my first affair with him when I was 25. It lasted a few months off and on but we continued this type of affair once a year it seemed like except this last time anyway, always pleasurable, I called him Kama Sutra. Yes, like a name. But we started up again a little over a year ago after over 5yrs of nothing and at first it had been so long and we are such close friends that maybe we were both a little nervous and apprehensive. So it wasn't that great until we finally caught our groove about 3 months into it and wow, it has been the most amazing sexually gratifying relationship I've ever had. Mind you, I was married and no one comes close in comparison to what this man, my dear friend "Blockhead" "Kama Sutra" my best friend and now my love, does to me and for me. He has given me a new breath of life and I am completely sprung. Too bad he isn't mine to keep...FML We spend every night together and it's always amazing. Judge me if you want but I won't lie, she's gone on "vacation" so he's mine til then. FML lol I just gotta keep a smile on til the tears begin
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