My Fwb

We refer to ourselves as BFFF, best **** friends fo'life. He truly is my best friend. We met under strange circumstances, we both were involved in precarious relationships and through a mutual person was introduced. We rapidly noticed we had a lot in common and was physically attracted to each other but because of the situations we were in never acted on it physically. Sure we flirted, once in a while exchanged dirty pictures but that was the extent.

Finally, years later we decided to hang out with each other. We decided that we had to spend a weekend together to rid the sexual tension. Do it once and get it over with. I couldn't have been more excited, that first night together was amazing. He undressed me so slowly and literally scanned my body from head to toe in one of the sexiest ways I have ever experienced. He loves big beautiful black women and it showed.

I had never been with a spanish man before and he showed me every thing I ever heard was true. He was passionate, talented and a wonderul kisser. I enjoyed kissing his lips and every other part of him. It was a great first time and the second time was just as good. We've only had sex twice during the course of our friendship, it's something that the door is always open to. There's never any drama, despite I am married and he's single and dating, we understand the rules of engagement. I even take video of my husband and I having sex because I know he likes to watch and be a bit of a voyeur. He'll always be my buddy with or without the ******* and I treasure him dearly.
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2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

that sounds really nice and special...heres wishing it stays that ways forever :)

it will :)

Great to have good friends, or good to have great friends, whatever works