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Alright I joined this site for advice so feel free to comment please. I'm 13 and I was talking to I guy friend (we aren't really close) and as a joke we were talking about doing "it". He's 14, hot, and super popular! So then he asks me if he can f***** me and I think he's joking so I say sure. And then he asked me if he would rather he ****** me or touch my boobs. As say whatever he wants, still thinking it's a joke and all at once it gets too serious. I haven't had ANY contact with a boy before, and I know that he's a player, but now he's being really sweet and kind about it. And it's gone to far now so I don't know what to do? If I say I was joking then he'll hate me forever but I can't exactly say yes because I have no feelings towards him and I know he has no feelings towards me. I asked my friends, and they said that I was screwed and that I should just let him touch my boob and then say thats the end of it. But now he's talking about b**w**** and dry humping and I don't know what to say. Please give me realistic answers I really need some good excuse to get out of it!
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This guy's just another horny jerk who wants to use your body to give himself an ******. Most high schools and colleges are FULL of them! Tell him you're afraid of getting pregnant or catching a disease or something, then forget the whole thing. You should only have sex when YOU are ready, and only with people you have some feelings for, even if the feelings turn out to be nothing more than really strong arousal. Don't let anyone just use you for their own benefit that way; it's a TWO-way street.

You are never obligated to do anything sexual. Ever.
But do learn from this, and be more carefull about your "joking" in the future.

you're teenagers, you shouldnt be thinking about doing this stuff at such a young age
you have no idea of the consequences of your actions

I managed to avoid him today because I had sports practice at lunch, but then he was whistling at me wearing shorts and he told all his friends. I told him that I didn't like him but he says it docent matter and that we should just try it!! Help!! Thnx for the advice btw :)