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 One year ago, I was diagnosed with Fuch's Dystrophy by my optometrist. I had no idea such a disease even existed, but today I am learning more and more. The Mayo Clinic's and the Fuch's websites provide valuable information about this eye condition; although Fuch's sufferers may get cataracts, they usually get them later than other people. But, once cataracts are present, Fuch's disease sufferers will need cornea transplants to right the condition.

Well, for me, talk about eye problems and I am all ears! I was scared, but have found out that, although my eyesight is fading some, my doctor in my hometown is capable and able to do the surgery. (I was resisting a trip to Houston!) That was a relief in itself.

Anyway, if anyone else has this dystrophy, please contact me. It's always good to have a compassionate listener.


If anyone else suffers, please feel free to place your story here. Only the name of the illness is tricky!

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Hi, I have had fuchs for about 5 years, now also cataracts, going to have a corneal transplant(KSEK), Anyone know much about this? Real scary, but life goes on.

Hi, my name is Linda and I had Fuchs' Dystrophy but have had cornea transplants. Just started a support group if you want to join. My email is wonwithhim@gmail.com.

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I too was diagnosed with Fuchs. I seem to get all the rare stuff. I am also dealing with a possible diagnosis for Myasthenia Gravis. The last year and 1/2 have been extremely difficult. Shortness of breath, hoarseness, weakness, fatigue. I am being treated as if I have MG although I am seeking a second opinion. My Neuro is not convinced that is what it is because I test negative for the antibody. BUT, there is a very small group that do. Then there's the Fuchs. This is rare too. My eyes get quite blurry on some days. Different times of the day are worse than others. How advanced is your condition? Anything you would like to express would be appreciated because I do not know anyone else with it. I just learned of this in the last couple of years. Let me know. Thanks, blondieslp

Feel free to write me. I have just started a Fuchs' Support group. My name is Linda; wonwithhim@gmail.com