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****** Her Hard While She Talked Dirty!

This true incident happed when I was 23 and just started my first full time job. I had moved to a new city and rented the 2nd floor of a house.

The 1st floor was also available for rent and to my surprise the lady who was the new tenant was the one whom I always notice a lot whenever she crossed me while going to work. Immediately my dirty mind triggered dirty plans to get closer to that lady as and when I get an opportunity to talk to that lady, I spoke to her and gradually I got to know that she was married and her husband was in Australia for a 2 years project and so she with her mother-in-law shifted this rented house to be close by their relatives. Her name was Reena, fair complexion 32 30 34, 5ft 6inc and in her mid 30’s.

Such a sex bomb she was and whenever I looked at her and her lips, the very next moment I want to take her to the room ***** her and **** her in standing position. However the conversations started with Hi/Bye and during weekends I would talk to her while passing by her door and have small chats.

I would get to see her helping her mil to go to work. She approached me once and asked me if I can share my number with her since she was new to the place and needed help sometimes. I started sending messages asking her how was and send her complimenting messages.

One fine day she messaged me that she will be all alone at home the whole day. Around 11am when I returned from the gym, I saw that the door was slight open and I thought I would peep in to say Hi to her and when I went in, the TV was switched on as I went further in the house, I saw Reena had fallen as sleep on the couch. I called her twice and she did not react. Taking this as an opportunity, I went close to her, she was wearing a nighty and I can see her boobs moving up and down.

I pulled my erected tool (I was single and always horny 23 year old) and stared ************ it slowly by admiring at her beautiful legs and after a while when I was about to ***, I went close by her thighs and pulled the nighty bit higher and made my *** seeing her panties. Once I was done, I moved out of the house with the disappointment that I was unable to **** her.

Next day she was sitting on the stairs and was looking dull. I asked her if everything was alright and she said she was missing her hubby. My dirty mind took this as an invitation and I asked her to come up for a cup of coffee. To my surprise she agreed and came up. I was sitting on the couch and she came sat opposite to me on the couch and started talking to me. Knowing that she would sit there I
had removed my underwear and was wearing some loose shorts  I thought I’ll see if she looks and wants some.

She bent down to pick up the coffee at which point I open my legs a bit and gave her a view of my **** and at the same time I saw her boobs and she was not wearing a bra. She picked up the cup and she noticed that I am looking at her boobs and she also saw my package and kept looking while we were talking just like I had imagined.

Then said she has been feeling some pain in her back at which time I told her I know a great massage. She took no time to agree for a massage. I slowly started to massage her shoulders while she was sitting and told her it would be easier if u lie down on the bed and I can massage you better.

I dim the lights in the room and started massaging her back, she started moaning lightly and I started to get a hard on. I got some oil to which she was not sure but before she could say much I took her top off and put oil on her. It was great as she was not wearing a bra and I started moving down and started pulling her pj’s lower and lower till I could see her *** crack. I poured oil there and pretended as it fell accidently. She was hesitant but I pulled her pj’s in 1 smooth move and told her they were getting dirty.

She could not believe or could I that she was totally naked in my bed. She said u might aswell massage my legs too. As I was massaging the legs she started to open them slowly when ever my finger went near her ***. In about 4-5 ling strokes I touched her neatly trimmed ***** lips. When my fingers touched her ***** she let out a loud moan and gripped the bedsheet tight.

That’s when I thought enough with the foreplay lets get to the action. While I was massaging her I realized that she liked the rough and hard strokes so I took that as a cue and harshly opened her legs wide and started fingering her *****. She was so wet. First I started slowly and then I started talking to her. I asked her “you like this massage?” she said “ooh yesss” and then I took my fingers out and stopped. She was surprised and asked “what happened?” At which point I asked her to what does she want? She was not sure what I was saying! I asked her to tell me that she wants me to finger her *****! She was so shy at first and then she said it “Oh finger my wet ***** baby” I was not gonna make it easy for her. I love dirty talking and asked her to beg me to **** her 

Soon she started enjoying the dirty talking and said **** me like a ***** you horny bastard. I could see your **** at the coffee table and wanted to feel it in my hands and suck it. I have been so horny and need a **** as my no good husband left me for guys like you to **** and **** hard. She was like a pro at dirty talking.

She came towards and took my **** and started playing with it. She moaned ahaaaaa with my **** still in her mouth as I put my finger in her wet ****. She liked it so much and she started to move her ***** closer to me every time I inserted the fingers in her and after all she was having sex after a while and she was enjoying to the fullest.

She then pushed my head deep towards her **** but I did not lick her till she begged me to lick her *****. She was begging me so loud “PLEASE LICK MY ******* *****, I WANT YOU SO BAD” with a sexy moaning voice. I loved it and I wanted to lick her ***** more and more and made her *** with my tongue licking her **** and fingers ******* her hard.

Soon she was done but I dint stop there and continued licking her in a couple of minutes she pulled me up, rolled over and started sucking my **** really well. I should say she really knew what she was doing and soon I was on the verge of *******. I told her the same and she said I could *** in her mouth. However I stopped her and said that first I wanted to *** in her ***** and then her mouth. I then removed my **** from her mouth and guided into her *****. She was really wet and so my **** just slid in quite easily. I asked her if she was on the pill and she replied yes and so we did not bother about condoms.

I started ramming her. Soon we changed our position from missionary to doggie and I was holding her boobs while I was ramming my **** into her ****. She was moaning even louder now but we weren’t really concerned about who hears us now as we were both going with the flow. Soon I could feel myself building up for a huge ****** and so I changed her position again. I made her lie down on the edge of her bed and with me standing I started to ram really harder and faster.

All of a sudden she let out a huge moan and I could feel her ***** contracting around my penis making me realise that she is having another ******. This feeling pushed me over the edge as well and I also started to *** into her *****. It was one of the biggest ******* I have ever had and when I emptied it all inside her she just pulled me onto her and held me there for a while. Slowly I could feel my **** go limp inside her and so I pulled it out and rolled over to her side as soon as I did that she straight away went down to lick and suck my ****.

I asked her to give it a minute a so but she wanted to taste the mixture of our ***. I started getting harder and I asked her if we could go for another round but she insisted that she wanted me to lie and enjoy the ******* and I had treated her really well. Well how can I argue with that and I was really turned on when I saw that she kept her eyes on me all the time she sucked me. She was really an expert in this and soon I could feel myself getting ready for another ******.

It did not take all that long and even though the quantity of *** was lesser compared to the first time around I still managed to give her a mouth full. She said she loved swallowing and then she licked me clean all the while keeping her eyes on me.
It was late by then and she left with a promise to visit tomorrow. This went on for about 6 months at which point I had to move as I got a better job offer. I still remember her and the things we did ;)
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I remember the first time watching her ****. I talked dirty to her and asking her if she likes being ****** like a little ****. She said yes.

great story I need a neighbor like that!

Sexy neighbour, I also had a chance of ******* an Arab neighbour wife. She was hot. I hope you must have loads of fun with her.

Good story; great job of seduction.

Really Great Story Thanks for Sharing :)