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In Front Of Her Naked Daughter.

A few months ago I posted a story titled ‘Nosey Neighbour’ at the end of which I commented that since my neighbour had found a new partner about three years ago that there had been few occasions of social nudity between us. Well that has all changed!
Some of you will already know that if I am going out I get dressed but if not then I stay nude till I have to get dressed. On this occasion I was not anticipating going anywhere so I was naked in the kitchen getting some coffee, minding my own business when the phone went. It was my neighbour who apologised for the phone call but as she was at work could I look in on her daughter after lunch when she would be home and let her know that a repair man would be calling around 2:00pm and gave me details of who and what they were supposed to be repairing. Of course I was more than happy to help a neighbour and said it was no problem and asked how things were otherwise when she said that the boyfriend had moved out and since then everything seemed to be going wrong but she was not going to give in. She said she had to go so I said if you want to talk anytime you know where I am and promised to deliver the message.
I carried on with my business for the morning and around midday kept an eye out for her daughter arriving home. In readiness I had put on shorts and a tee shirt and some trainers. As she arrived home the heavens opened so I waited a few moments in the hope it would be a short sharp shower but it was not to be. After about 10 minutes I popped next door rang the bell and waited for an answer. It seemed like ages before she opened the door sheltering behind it then asked me in out of the rain which had suddenly turned into a thunderstorm. As soon I was inside the door I realised why she had hidden herself behind the door as she was naked, I would add that the door was solid apart from a small window at head height. This was the first time I had seen, let’s call her Anna, naked for 3 years and she had developed from a young girl budding into a woman and I could feel myself reacting. Anna ushered me through to the kitchen giggling and said that I had caught her this time so we were even finally which I have to admit did make me laugh. I apologised for disturbing her and promised that I would get out of her way just as soon as I relay a message from her mother who had been trying to call her cell phone, which she said was out of credit, and told her that the repair guy would be calling around 2:00pm and the rest of the message.
While I was relaying the message Anna just went about making herself some lunch and was totally at ease with me despite the fact that she was naked and I was clothed. This was such a beautiful moment as so often we hear about the body issues teenagers have yet here was a 16 year old that was totally comfortable with her body and not ashamed by it. She offered to make me some lunch as well but I declined and made my excuses and said if you need anything later I will only be next door don’t be afraid to come and ask and let myself out.
Once back home I began reflecting on the previous few minutes and could not believe what had happened but sat down and got on with some work. I was so engrossed in my work I was oblivious to the time but finished my report and sent it by email when there was a knock at the front door. Quickly I slipped on my shorts and tee shirt and answered the door to find Anna standing there smiling back at me. She joked that I was being modest as I invited her in and closed the door behind her as she went through to the front room. As I walked through she looked at me smiled and slipped off her dress revealing that was all she was wearing so I dropped the shorts and removed my tee shirt. We both stood looking at each other then we both laughed and sat down while she explained that the repair man had gone and what had happened saying she thought it was only fair to let me know as I had been the messenger. She then added that she had missed our mutual nude time over the past few years. I admitted I had missed them as well but then it was not really convenient with her mum having a new partner but that she was always welcome to pop round as long as her mum did not mind.
We chatted about what was going on her life and mine at the present time. She made a point of saying that she had finished her exams and was waiting for school to end which apparently did at the end of the week so she would have plenty of opportunity to pop round over the next 7 weeks. She asked how I was and I explained that I was single once again then I asked her how her love life was doing. She giggled and said they all want the same thing then spread her legs as she said this and rubbed herself. I wanted to say stop or don’t but I could not get a word out I felt an immediate rush of blood to my **** and am sure she noticed as she carried on running the tip of one finger in circles over her mound causing her breasts to rise and fall as her breathing quickened. She looked at me and blushed as she slid a finger inside herself then withdrew it glistening in her juices smiled at me then sucked it clean.
All sorts of thoughts were jumping around in my head and I was fighting the urge to stroke myself when she moved closer to me – smiled then wrapped her soft fingers around my **** and slowly stroked it till I shot streams of ***** over her bare breasts. When she was sure I had finished she licked my ***** off her hand and smoothed the stream of ***** over her breasts smiling at me all the time as she did so.
She looked me straight in the eye then smiling she said I knew you wanted me earlier by the tent in your shorts and I could not resist. I laughed at her comment and suggested I should have taken advantage perhaps. She did not answer me but merely grinned then sat next to me on the sofa cuddling up to me and told me that her Mum might have been jealous as she had said she wished she could find someone like me. I told Anna that what had happened was our secret and gave her a wink. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said she was not going to tell if I wasn’t then asked if she could use the shower and clean up a bit. I told her where the shower and the spare towels were and she wandered off leaving me pondering over what had just happened.
After about 15 minutes she reappeared and we chatted a while before she said her Mother would be home soon anyway so she could not stop much longer or she will panic if she comes home to an empty house. Then I said well why don’t we pop round yours and wait for her although I need a quick clean up first I can be ready in a few minutes. An evil grin crept across her face then she started nodding her head furiously before saying, “yes, yes lets surprise her.” After I cleaned myself up we both got dressed and went next door giggling all the way.
No sooner indoors again and we were both naked sitting in her front room as she explained that her Mum’s boyfriend walked out two or three weeks ago but her Mum said he was not worth worrying over. Anna admitted she did not like him as she could not wander around even in her underwear let alone nude if he was around and that if she brought a boy or a girlfriend home he was always right behind her.
We suddenly heard her Mum’s car pull up and the front door open so we kept really quiet then her Mum started chuntering and we hear her kick her shoes off then she called out for Anna asking her if she got the message then she came through into the front room just as Anna replied saying she had got the message. Her eyes wide open in surprise as it was obviously not quite what she had expected I imagine ‘Ohhhhh’ was the only noise made as she was rooted to the spot for a moment as we started laughing then she burst into laughter with us.
Anna’s mum was laughing so much she ended up sat on the floor and I feared she may have an accident if she was not careful then Anna went to her and hugged her which appeared to help her regain control once more. Anna helped her to her feet then her mum looked at me then at Anna then started undressing with an evil grin on her face which seemed to get broader as she was wearing less and less till she was left in just a thong which she took off with a flourish and big grin. ‘Oh how I have missed this’ she exclaimed as she grabbed hold of Anna and gave her a hug ‘Thank you baby’ I heard as they embraced then as they broke apart she looked over at me and smiled then pulled me up and hugged me muttering a thank you in my ear then beckoned Anna to join us for a group hug.
We stood motionless for a moment hugging each other then as we separated Anna grabbed hold of my **** and gave it a tug which immediately caused me to stiffen up once more and her mother just looked at us and slapped Anna’s arm away then replaced Anna’s hand with her own.
A silence filled the air as Anna smiled at us and sat down to one side watching as her Mum looked me in the eye then started to gently stroke me then kissed me fully on the mouth before dropping to her knees and taking me in her mouth. Rolling her tongue over my **** and sliding her mouth up and down over the shaft till I was touching the back of her throat. My knees were about to go as I could feel the heat building but then she pulled off me. She pushed me back on to the sofa then mounted me sliding her ***** down in one smooth movement causing her to moan loudly as she did so which coincided with Anna reaching her own ****** a few feet away from us. As her mother rode me hard and fast I sucked on her breasts and rolled her nipples between my fingers as she came at least three times before I exploded into her and caused her to have another ****** collapsing against me.
It was a few minutes before either of us said anything or were capable of saying anything but it was Anna who broke the silence saying how hot it was watching us **** and that it was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. Her Mum said she was lucky to have witnessed it but admitted it was hot. She was right as well it was an extremely hot scene. Her Mum said she had better have a shower and apologised for jumping on me then admitted as she went upstairs she had wanted to for quite a while. Before she left to take her shower she invited me to stay for dinner but I had to decline as I already had another engagement that evening so she said well how about coming round Sunday for lunch which I accepted happily.
With a smile on her face she disappeared upstairs leaving Anna grinning across at me. Anna smiled at me then said, “See I told you.” Before I commented that I had not expected her to witness the occasion let alone to sit there and bring herself off. She giggled then commented that I even got an invite to lunch as well before adding that she wandered what would be on the menu. Her last comment making me laugh as well then realising the time said I would have to go and would see her and her Mum on Sunday and to let me know what time.
What had started out as an ordinary day was now etched in my memory and I was even looking forward to Sunday but that’s for another time.
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All i can say is DAMN

Wonderful story! It's great that things worked out the way they did. I guess never pass up the opportunity to visit a single neighbor.

You lucky devil, or angel, you!!!!

Very good story ! loved the attention to detail . How many of us would love to have neighbors like that... Thank you for sharing ...

want to stroke my ***** right now. very hot story...and I hope there is more

so sexy i got *** all over me .thank you

hot stuff

wow. it sounds like you had a fun time with mother and daughter

Well written and it was extremely exciting made me read it twice......bravo

Have a good time Sunday with these ladies.So tell us more any stories