The Husband Just Wanted To Be Included......

My best friend and his wife would get together with me and my wife almost every weekend. It was the same ole every weekend... play games for awhile and then watch a movie..... The problem is everytime we watched a movie my wife would fall asleep and my friend would fall asleep... This particular night the both fell asleep as usual... now my friends wife and I had always flirted but not seriously so I was suprised and excited to find us both in the kitchen in close quarters. Next thing I know we're kissing and I'm running my hands all over her body. She was slender but had big natural boobs so I was playing with one breast and nipple while the other was on her butt when I looked and saw my friend staring at us. He walked off to the bedroom and she told me to wait a minute... needless to say I felt like crap - to ruin a friendship over sex. She came back out and I apologized profusely and she said it was all right it's just that he didn't want to be left out..........more to ***
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Aug 9, 2010