Fun Times In Fast Food Hell

So this is a bit longer than my usual stories but reality tends to run a little longer than the majority of people I'm sure...I spent some time on the fast food line. When I saw this group though it brought back one very specific memory. Now granted I have many, many, way too many tales about how much fun I've had toying with bully's but this one time was always my favorite.

Slinging the line at my local burger joint people came in and people left. The revolving door of employees always swinging. One of the people who I had the distinct 'honor' of working with was a big man, six foot, seven inches, 225 lbs, who liked to do octogan ring fighting in his spare time.

Needless to say he was a walking badass to anyone who listened...and loved to pick on the smaller guys and hit on the girls. He was the Cat's Meow, in his porthole view of the world.

One day while I was on a swing shift covering afternoon to close our paths crossed...and thanks to some god given assests I apparently caught his eye...but he had a point to prove so he started in on our assistant manager who was on the heavy side...he woud taunt him and say, 'Hey why don't you take off your shirt, I'll take off mine, stand in the road out front and see who gets the most people to stop in.'

The manager of course mumbled a no while escaping to the back...but my co-worker had a point to prove so he grunted out a challenge...'ain't anybody man enough to take their shirt off and stand outside to see who gets the most stops?'

Stepping up and smiling a wicked little turn of lips I shrugged and said "Sure why not... I'll take off my shirt," I replied unbuttoning the work uniform buttons from the top... "You take off yours and we'll see who stops."

He stammered and fell back a little, "Naw, naw that ain't fair...of course they'll stop for your boobs," he groaned watching as each button slipped away revealing the tank top I had on eyes caught him as I gave a wide grin.

"You didn't really think I'd do it topless," I taunted.

"Ah babygirl that ain't fair," he groaned..."you made me all hot now you gotta do something about it."

My fellow co-workers were casually circling around 'not listening'. "Sure," I cooed giving him a bright smile. "Go in the freezer I'll be in a sec."

He looked at me doubtfully but slid inside. I shut and locked the door, turning off the lights from the outside. His pounding resonated through the back everyone laughed.

To this day a walk-in freezer always brings a smile to my face...such a quick and easy cool down...when you get too hot...but he shouldn't have picked on my assistant manager in the first place :P
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2 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Epically funny I wish I had guts and opportunity to do something like that

*Passed out laughing* You are the best.

No problem.