I Couldn't Help It

There I am in class trying to be as antisocial as possible for I am not into the idea of making any new friends and would rather be left alone, but I'm just listening to my classmates talking...

I was trying so hard not to laugh as it was. They were saying the funniest things and it's hard not to laugh when the rest of the class keeps busting up over something someone was saying. I was doing a pretty good job of keeping my hand clasped over my mouth and stifling my laughter when suddenly the teacher walks in...

Girl Two Seats Next To Me: Hey, Mrs. Crowne! Do you remember my name now?

Mrs. Crowne: *Thinking* It's... Um...

Socialite Next To Me: Oh, oh, oh!!! Remember on the first day of school when you said, "Hey, Mrs. Crowne, next time you try to remember my name, just remember grease!"

Me: *Not remembering that and tilting my head in confusion, still clasping my hand over my mouth*

SNTM: We were all like, "Grease... What the ****?"

Me: *Feeling a giggle coming on*

SNTM: And then Mrs. Crowne remembered your name and said, "Patty? How do you get Patty out of grease?" And you *pointing to Patty* said *in a high pitched voice*, "Patty from Grease!"

And that did it for me. I couldn't take it anymore.

I ran out of the classroom and into the bathroom, shut the door behind me and leaned on the sink laughing so hard and just busting up, my laughter bouncing off the walls. XD
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Did I ever tell you about the computer broken five times in one week due to somebody watching excessive amounts of donkey ****? I nearly fell off my chair with the girl sitting next to me for that one.


It was.

*bl<x>ink bl<x>ink*<br />
ummm... I'll assume it's one of those 'you had to be there' moments...

Oh yes. Hilarious classmates are the reason why I still come to school every day.