My Life Changed At 29!

Yes I found out at the age of 29 that I had Fybromyalgia! You see I'am the proud mother of 3 great kids. My doughter is 7 and my boys are 3. After I had my boys I started having stomach problems. So I found a Gastrinologist. He listened to my symptoms and told me more than likely it was IBS, but he wanted to run some blood test to make sure. When he called me with the results of the blood test my heart dropped! I had a Blood Dyssorder but he said it wasn't life threatening and he wanted to send me to a speciallist. So I made the appointment and went. Than I had more blood work to confirm that yes I had an Immune Dissorder. I have Common Varriable Immune Def. ( IGG3, ang IGA ). Along the way of all of this going on my body was hurtting! It hurt all the time and all over I guess it was a little over a month, and I just kept thinking I had the flu or something!!! Well durring a phone call to my mom she says " you sound just like you'r Aunt ( her sister ) she hurts just like you, maybe you should call her and tell her how you feel!" While growing up I knew my Aunt had something that made her hurt even if you gave her a hug. So I ended up calling her, and while talking she kept saying "yes,yes,yes I know how you feel, thats how I feel"! So I told my family Doctor about all of it he wanted me to see an Orthopedic Dr.! Well I made the Appointement and we done all the test even the blood test to rule out other things. But before I left he said " I think its Fybromyalgia". When I went back he confirmed it. I have tried several medications and am currently on the Lyrica. I've taken it before but didn't like it I stayed so sleepy and with three small children I can't go to sleep all day!! But maybe it will be ok this time. I don't like it that the Doctors all the time want to put you on Deppression pills. Which I've taken but boy this last 1 that I was on Ammatryptaline it made me put on the weight!! Can't have that I think its just adding more dicomfort to my body to be honnest!! Oh and yes I've taken the Advil 4-6 times a day which caused me to bleed some everytime I went to the potty. So had to quit that but now I'am on the Lodine 2x a day ( that is if I remember to take in the mornings.

Now I'am having problems with my left shoulder ended up with an MRI which thank god did not find anything other than a Blood Vessal Tumor!! Which I am going to call my Hematologist and ask abut my family Doc. says "don't worry about it but it will never go away!! But he thinks my shoulder pain is from the Fybro, thats why I'm now on the Lyrica again.

So on that note if there are any suggestions concerning any of this please let me here them, Thanks!!


carrieccs carrieccs
Feb 12, 2009