Why Must I Hurt

I don't remember a day in my life that was pain free. Dr's want to give mind altering drugs to help but they make me feel worse next day I feel like I was drunk the night before who wants that they had mom beleaving was a whiner and just ran to much who ran I could barley walk I was tired all the time. I was painfully shy so I was afraid to talk back so I suffered in silence I quit telling her I hurt. I had very few friends because I could not run and play. Has any one tried a pain clinic I would like to but it's expensive I get my medicare in June would like to hear from any one who tried it before I waste more of my time on things that don't work

suzy22 suzy22
56-60, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2010

i wish i had something encouraging to say, i havent found anything that "works", just one pill after another, i am sorry and probly not alone on that statement, prayer sweetheart lot of prayer and faith, keep your focus positive and find something you enjoy that you are able to do, a hobby or something. i am so sorry you are suffering but you are not alone and i feel soon science will beable to help us, god hears our desperation and suffering , have faith, and try to enjoy the simple beautiful blessings god has given us all, rain flowers rainbows a sunny, warm day, and knowing that nobody in gods family is alone, i love you my sister in christ, i will remember you in my prayers, could you please pray for healing and peace for me and my boys also, love is healing,giving it and recieving it,go in peace! goodnight.