Never Say Die

Hi I have had fybro-myalgia for about 14yr's.doing pretty well now,but sill in a lot of pain.FORM the begining .1996.I was AS FIT AS A FIDDLE before this terrorable deasease hit me..I feel it was triggered off by stress afer I slipped and jard my nee, I continued to work for the new father inlaw whom I relocateted form Kalgoolie to Hobart for!!!then I ended up stripping the ligerments off my knee.My new bride was ill but hide all from me {when I found out I did nothing but try to help her }she has sever depression.So I was now out of work as the father inlaw did not put me on the book's which I insisted on before leaving Kalgoolie{being paid over 50k a year and had just being offered 110k start on the 200 tonner face shovel}But I was told NO COMPO NO NOTHING by my new boss!!Then my new bride started showing heavy sign's that there was something wrong,by crying more and more on the floor mostly.I feel with all the strain of not being able to work{Ihad worked mostly 12 shift's from the age of 16yrs.}and no compo for what had already happened,mounted more and more stress as well as now finding out I had a wife that didn't want to be near her family or old friend due to wanting to hide her problem.I feel the fibro-myalgia was triggered.I went from someone who was doing 60 lap's a day in the pool and forty k's on a pushbike in Kalgoolie.To a man now not knowing what the future has install with work but mainly my new partner and how Iwas going tohelp her .It got worse and worse as the stresser's became more permernent and on going. I feel my hole system shut down.I just could not move.The pain increased over the next few mounth'sand now I was bed ridden and in so much pain I asked the doctor to take my leg's off.Which I am glad now he didn't,{as I can walk now}So the pain continued the doctor's were saying" we can not find anything wrong with you" But I new  there was something, something very wrong.I was in bed for about 18 mths,the herbalist/doctor I aws now seeing {and spending over $500 to $2000 a mounth on vitamin shot's and supplment's} told me not to move or I would pump toxic waste through my system{mercry and lead was in my system he siad}But I new I had to start moving?So I started hydro-therapy ,it was a long hard road but I new the excersize was going to be KEY. So from 1998/99 I sarted to excersize more and more tring to balence pain tierdness and work{I started an apprentership ]AS I THOUGHT THAT SOMEONE might hire me if I was on a low wage.I finished and am now a fitter and turner .My boss Allen was truely a good man.We had a baby girl in 1999 whom was 16 week's premature and in hospital for 3 mth's ,this aws a diffecult time due to a bit more stress.[NOT KNOWING STRESS IS THE KILLER}I kept up the hyro-therapy paying for it my self after the 3 to 5 mths through the CRS,of which I am very greatful for.As the year's went by We had an other child in 2001 then I was almost starting to move again and the wife found someone new? ,and I was now looking after my 3 yr old and 1 yr old 50 percent of the time due to my x being ill and not copeing with the children.I could not even pick them up and my little 1 yr old had to call behind me as to go anywhere.So I called CRS again and they were kind enought to help by organizing 3mth's of trianing for me.At first I could not push 15 kg's with my leg's and about 30 kg or so with my arm's,but I pushed as hard as an x bricklayer's labour could.After the 3mth's I was back to my old self as far as strenght gose but the pain was still there.I had all sort's of test ,mri and many other;s and nothing showed up.amauch more to tmy story but Imust stop for now.hope this can help someone out there.Keep active.9th march 4:40am can not sleep but must lay down .regard's Darrell

v6capri v6capri
46-50, M
Mar 8, 2010