Knowing My May Have Brought It On

my depression has FORCED me to look deeper into myself and into a lot of my action no matter how small they may be. All this so that i don't unconsciously make things worse, in doing so i now know more of my weaknesses then other people know about their own weaknesses.I keep myself safe yet at the same time i keep myself isolated because knowing my weaknesses does not mean that i know how to over come them as well. I have also learned a lot about other people and have gotten a clear picture of my own family that i don't think i would have if i was never suffering from depression. I think the one thing i am really happy that i got to find out about myself is that no matter my own pain i would go to hell and back just to make life easier for other people, stranger or no stranger. I love that even when i am at deaths door i am still claiming to be okay and helping my sisters with their homework with a bright smile on my face rather or not i am slowly dying inside.
amicawinters amicawinters
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2012