pre depression, a tighly wound, spool of thread with all notions, ideas, knowledge, personal awareness bundled in this tiny centerpiece, the cylindrical bubble of the "known". soon time outran longevity and i was slapped by the precipice of disaster. there i stood, uniquely tangled in what i thought to be all figured out when in reality i was in ruins. naive, giggly, a positivist i was pre-realization. though effective for me as a young twenty, i knew practicality must be sought. i fell, faltered, was dissapointed by people, that being key to my self realization. i fumbled through therapy, still have minute relapses, yet i know "others" should not be a concept in this feeling of me. it's my heart, experiences, mind and soul and i become what i behold. sunny days, athleticism, repent of the past, new life, careers and outlook has become the equation of me. thank god i gained education of all my beneficial qualities and how to live in harmony within myself first and tuning into the channels within reach. i hope depression recoveries mirror mine somewhat and you've found hope in a cloudy situation such as mine.

tessagirl tessagirl
18-21, F
Mar 28, 2009