I Am Gaining Weight

I have been trying to stay skinny all of my life.
but recently i got in grade 9 with the cafeterias. I met lots of kids that buy unhealthy food like fries and cheeseburgers,pop and stuff.
I was 100lbs last month and now i'm 130lbs. I love being this way because i can eat whatever i want when ever i want.
I like how my belly is more jiggly and even my butt and legs are too. My underwear and jeans and other pants are tighter along with my shirts.
I am glad to say i don't care about my weight anymore. Because i  have learned that not to many people cares and someone like me for who i am.
So what do you guys/girls think???
redeamer redeamer
1 Response Jul 23, 2010

I say eat what you want and get as fat as you want. It's fun!