"i Have Galstones"

Well, what can I say... I started to have pain under my ribcage in October of 2009. At first, I thought it was cramps... Then it started to happen more often and would wake me up at least two to three nights a week. 3am I would wake up in agonizing pain... Nothing I did could ease the pain. I was dizzy, confused, bloated, and although, I have never given birth, I have been told by those who also have had galstones... It "feels worse than giving birth". And one of my friends told me that she would "rather give birth again than go through the pain of another galstone attack. So ya, it was and "is" still painful.
I went to my doctor in November of last year... he sent me for an ultrasound ... Yep .... it was galstones .... the receptionist told me that they will call me and told me most likely, I will se a surgeon in January 2010.
So, in mid-January ... After hearing nothing from the doctor's office .... I called them back .... And this is what I got ...
"I'm sorry, but we forgot to book you in ... You won't be able to see the surgeon until September 2010.
Nice eh?
So then in June I ended up getting a new doctor ... since he wanted to do things "his way", he wanted me to go through another ultrasound, I'm assumming to make sure I still had them? Well, I was still having attacks at night, so ya, I knew I had them... So I go... and the ultrasound specialist tells me I have a lot of them and they are now about the size of marbles...
Nevertheless... LOL after all of that ... I have an appointment with a specialist in September anyways!
I guess I'm thankful that I finally get to see a surgeon and can get this problem resolved... But I really wish the doctors could have more compassion and get things done earlier, before things get worse...
I guess I'll never understand.
PeaceAhhLisa PeaceAhhLisa
22-25, F
Jul 31, 2010