Maybe They Are Mad At Me; They Have Not Been Treated Well

Once upon a time (an appropriate way to start a story about fairies) my late wife bought a pool at the the local garden center. I think they called it a reflection pool, but it didn't reflect much; maybe one was supposed to stare at it and reflect on things. The pool came with a cast fairy which concealed a pump which directed the water from the pool up and to a little bowl in the fairy's hands and then spilled over back into the reflection pool. It will call for a massive hunt for me to show how she was supposed to look as those pictures aren't on my hard drive.

But I say supposed to look because now that we have moved she no longer sits on the edge of the pool, she sits on the edge of the porch; her bowl has no water, she sits next to the downspout from the gutter, not exactly the nicest place in the yard. The worst part of her situation is that her wings, which fit nicely into a notch in her back have been misplaced. Yes, she has no wings!

She looks so sad.

We also had a second much smaller garden fairy. She too has suffered at our hands. She is sitting on a globe from the bottom of which stuck a prong to hold her in place when the prong was inserted into the ground; but somehow her prong was broken. She is now in a tray on my desk waiting repair; she has been there patiently waiting for over a year.

Now the question is: do the real sprites, pixies and fairies that dwell in our yard resent this treatment of their representations so much that they do things with our electrical stuff?
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3 Responses May 22, 2012

i can easily imagine the reflecting fairy to have folded wings. i could live with that. the other one? take a look at it with a quiet eye. i'm curious about what you might see.

The reflecting fairy has wings like the little one but I have no idea where they are. In the little one truly I see nothing but a cast representation of a dreaming fairy

no no i mean i'm okay with her wings being folded out of sight -- not lost. that's what i choose to think -- that she's a whole little creature.

I don't remember much of the history of the little one but the one from the pond should have lots of pictures somewhere, even movies. I'll have to go behind the bookcases someday.

i once felt that an item in our garden had a spirit living in it ("proven?" by a photo in which half of the item was invisible) and i was careful that it never "faced" the house or garden entry or seating area. i'm not superstitious but i won't walk under a ladder if it's just as easy not to.

OK - not to sure how to respond to that.
BTW - did you see the pres while he was visiting.

Awww, the important thing is that you still HAVE the lil fairies!! I don't think they're mad at you. Maybe you could ask them to bump out the grumpy gnome out who is muckin up the electrical stuff!! They might appreciate the work!! :)

Maybe so.