Gastritis Sucks

I don't know what kind of masochist you have to be to choose "Plan to" for this group. I've felt the symptoms of gastritis since March 8, 2006 and continue to feel them up to this day. The day before, on March 7, I didn't have much for lunch and had a long gap before dinner, during which I ate Cheez Its and Combos. Terrible idea! Cause the next day I had dinner at my grandparents' house and felt really nauseous afterwards. I didn't throw up, though, but my appetite got worse since then and by April and May I could barely eat. I was then diagnosed and put on medication, and also referred to a psychiatrist. Since then it's been yo-yoing, usually worsening in the spring and fall. And sometimes during high stress as well. I thought I was cured, but now I feel kinda sick again. If it's not gastritis, it's nerves combined with too little sleep. Wish me luck!

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I know, doctors suck! They act like it's nothing, like I used to weigh 102 lb (and I'm 5'9"!), and this stupid gastroenterologist didn't care at all, and was like, "I wish I could lose weight like that and get full easily." >:(<br />
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And it seems like I'm the only one with this godawful sickness. I look at how my friends can not eat anything all day except for chips and soda, stay up all night drinking coffee and nothing else, and go to bars and get freaking *drunk*, and they're fine! Not that I would wish gastritis on them, but I wish I wasn't the only one who has to suffer such consequences.

do you have gastritis. i had it about the same time you were posting this. it totally sucks. no relief, doctors offer no hope