Help! What Does It Feel Like To Have Gastroparesis

Since 1995 after my Son was born I would get sever nausea, so sever that I would make my self throw up. Sometimes it seemed to help and other times it didn't't. It always seemed to happen in the evening when I would lay down to go to sleep. I would think that the nausea was from sever constipation, that possibly I was so constipated that when I ate, the food had no were to go. Every time I felt the sever nausea I felt constipated. Sometimes I thought that maybe I over ate. The sever nausea would come and go. Sometimes lasting for days, weeks, months, and then disappear for months. I had gone to the ER numerous times over the years because of it and they always said it was the flu or food poisoning. I was told by a doctor that I had a slight spastic Colan, that it was anxiety, or stress. A few years ago I had a test that showed my gull bladder drained slowly, so I had it removed. It didn't't help! Then my doctor had another test done that showed some scarring on my esophagus. I was diagnosed with gerd. The sever nausea was still their with the feeling of constipation.
This past month after I eat my stomach becomes enlarged. I almost feel like I'm pregnant. The upper abdomen feels hard and extremely extended to wear the skin is feeling stretched but I have not felt nauseous. I feel constipated and extremal full. My upper abdomen feels like its going to burst! It lasts for hours after eating and I feel tired and don't feel like doing anything. It feels like I just ate a huge Thanksgiving dinner! Its driving me crazy!! With in the past month I got nauseous once and made myself throw up. I have lost weight but Ive also been dieting off and on since January. Loosing over 20 some pounds. My doctor did an ex-ray and ruled out constipation. I even made her give me a pregnancy test, even though pregnancy is not a possibility since my Hubby is fixed.  I go for an ultra sound tomarrow and a cat scan on Friday. My doctor told me that she thinks its all in my head, caused by anxiety, and that I just look obese to her. I'm 5'2 average at 155lbs I am not obsessed! My family's noticed my stomach bulging after meals and my kids keep joking around saying I look pregnant. My doctor asked me that if she did the cat scan and when it showed nothing, if I would leave it alone, since she believes its all in my head. Its aggravating when Dr's say its all in your head! We know our bodies and can tell when something is not right! Does this sound like Gastroparesis?
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I really relate to your story. I think a lot of doctors use a coping mechanism to deal with not knowing how to fix someone. It's easier to decide that since I'm fat, female, and over forty, that any complaint is all in my head than to deal with the fact that they don't know what to do.<br />
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I finally found a doc who doesn't think that way and who actually listens and thinks. I've been seeing her since March, and was just last month diagnosed with gastroparesis. She also thinks I have or have had SIBO. The research shows SIBO is commonly associated with gastroparesis. SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) would explain the bloating and gas, and in my case lots of pain in addition to the nausea.<br />
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I fell into a kind of forced anorexia because I felt so much better when I didn't eat. But that meant I was getting no fiber, and motility became worse and worse. Motility is a big issue in gastroparesis even if you are getting plenty of fiber. When my doc suspected gastroparesis, she put me on a liquid-only diet while she was arranging for tests. I could tell after 3 or 4 days on it that I was feeling a lot better. I also found Glucerna (like Ensure), and using it (diluted so it doesn't hurt my stomach), I felt better than I had in over a year in the first week. It also has a very mild and easy fiber in it, so it fixed that little problem, too.<br />
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However, after researching gastroparesis, I am finding that stress and anxiety does make it lots worse. It is a vicious spiral. I pressure myself because I'm not doing enough and not getting better fast enough, which makes me sicker.<br />
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Maybe through education and perseverence, I can get my life back.<br />
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