26 Year Old Male,type One Diabetic Struggling With Gastropararesis Going On 3 Years.

It began about three years with horrible stomach pains.  It felt as if someone was stabbing a knife into my stomach.  I went to doctor after doctor and no one could relieve or explain what was going on.  Finally after about three times of going to the hospital because i would days 3 to 4 days of not being able to hold anything down not even water, along with vomiting stomach acid for days, i was able to find a doctor to look into the possiblity of me having gastroparesis.  I had been doing research on what was going on with my body and everything pointed to gastroparesis, but every doctor told me i was to young and had to good of control of my blood sugars to be having complications like this.  after several test finally showed my stomach to be working only 7%.  I have tried every medication know but none of them seem to help at all and side effects seem to be even worse.  Change in diet has seem to be the only thing that has helped.  I was going to the hospital and staying for a week or ten days at a time every two months, then it would be every three months and so on and so until presently i am going on 6 months and have a little trouble everyday and no hospitalizations.  I thought managing my life with diabetes was hard, but the gastroparises has completely changed my life and turned it upside down, but has taught me to cherish and enjoy the moments in between the sickness.  To all those suffering keep your head up i do believe that it will get better as you find your own ways to cope with it and life does go on.  Now to my main reason for writing this...there is a device that does help with gastroparesis, if you have insurance or are wealthy.  I came ti find out about a nerve stimulator for the vegas nerve.  the vegas nerve controls the contracts of the stomach.  similar to how a pace maker workers for the heart.  although it doesn't not usually improve the mobility of the stomach it has shown to greatly reduce the nausea and vomiting associated with the gastropararsis.  I couldn't not afford the surguery becasue of a $10,000.00 deposit they wanted because i had no insurance.  I was to the point i couldn't work and was sick all the time so i quite work and got insurance through the county hospital for not making any money.  I  got set up for the surgery and the day before the surguery the hospital called and said the surgery was off.  Turns out the insurance program thru the hospital has only had three patients do the stimulator and were not successful.  yet the doctor shows an eighty percent success rate and does three to four a month for insured patients.  My doctor has gone ifront of the commitee for the insurance progams and explaine my case and has sent letter upon letters from my other doctors asking for this approval but bottom line keeps getting denined by the insurance program.  I believe it all has to do with money and not possibly making someone's quality of life better but that is just my opion.  regardless, there is a device that may and may not work or improve you life but thought i might suggest it to anyone interested.  have also heard of botox injections into the stomach the relax it, but when asked a dr they said it was bogus.  Good luck to anyone that this affects and hope i might have helped someone out.

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Botox does work. It did for me. Was in hospital, after injection I was out in 2 days and have not had too many problems since. I am a 33 yr old male who has had stomach problems for a few yrs. Every now and then,going to er, get a iv and shots and sent on my way. What a waste of money...problem could have been looked at a couple yrs ago. I hope this helps for someone!

amyk,<br />
I've been reading about how a virus, especially the mono virus, can infect the gastric nerve and cause gastroparesis.<br />
For me, warm broth with a few gluten-free noodles in it helps. I've also found Amy's gluten-free (and some flavors are dairy-free) frozen pizza is easy on my stomach. The Glucerna, diluted 50/50 with water, soothes my stomach when it is hurting.<br />
Have you been tested for celiac disease? It's a genetic disease that gets progressively worse if you are eating gluten. Going gluten-free helped me for awhile, but didn't fix my problems entirely.<br />
I hope you find what works.<br />

my story is very similar...i'm looking to get a pacemaker..i work for New York State so i would be covered..i just can't do the test to find out exactly how slow my stomach is...i keep throwing up the dye :( i'm in the hospital every month for a week and bordering losing my job...may i ask how you changed your diet?? i've stayed away from fatty, spicy and acidic foods..and most dairy...sometimes i feel okay...but for the most part nothing..including all the meds i'm on..really is working...was trying to get some ideas on what you eat to make you feel better..this all started when i 23 years old..i'm 28 now and still no answers...i don't have diabetes..and no one can tell me how this happened to me...just looking for help...thank you.