A Little Help With Gastoparesis

My husband was diagosed with gastroparesis over a year ago, and we have been struggling to find anything that would help.   he would continually feel bloated, and full,  and be just miserable.    The constipation that goes along with this is aggravating.      He takes a probiotic every day, and recently his PCP told him to try taking 6 activated charcoal tablets a day, 2 with each meal.      He was having a lot of gas and was just miserable!    To our suprise, not only did the charcoal help with the gas, but his gastroparesis appears to have been helped also.     Where before his stomach bothered him on a range of 5-6 all the time, now it stays around a 2 ....     the PCP and his gastrologist are not sure why it is helping, but its working so that told him to keep on taking it.   NOTE:  charcoal absorbs all kinds of things, so you are suppose to take it  at least an hour before you take any other medicines, so that it does not keep your body from absorbing the meds.       CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR before taking any kind of OTC medicine !!50
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I see that this was posted in mid August. Is he still finding relief and seeing improvement?<br />
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