My Gastroparesis Story

Hi.  I am 29 years old and this all started when I was around 13.  The story of how it began might sound ridiculous, but I'm going to share it anyways.  It was October, Halloween day at school.  They didn't celebrate it but some kids decided to bombard the 80% enclosed stairs section with eggs, which left a terrible smell.  I didn't know and after lunch I went through these stairs with my friends.  The smell was so terrible that I ended up throwing up in the hall.  They called my mom and she picked me up cause I was sick.  I was SO embarrassing to me that I had throw up in front of my friends and school strangers that I developed anorexia, just because I was scared I was going to keep throwing up.  It was more psychological than anything else, I think.  Anyways, my mom took me to the doctor when she saw I was eating less and less and I would go throw up (not on purpose) -- even with an empty stomach.  The doctor diagnosed me with anorexia and gastroparesis.  She gave me a medicine that I had to take 15-20 minutes before I ate -- this medicine was supposed to accelerate the process of my stomach emptying.

I don't know when, it stopped.  I was eating normal and I was feeling good.  Sometimes I would be nervous about it but I would overcome it.  Sometimes I would just throw up a little bit and then stop myself.  Now, it's back.  It started just one day riding in a car when I overate and I felt sick.  But I was with my boyfriend and his friends and it was just completely embarrassing, again.  Then, a couple weeks later, it happened while driving with my boyfriend somewhere.  Then it started to get worse and worse.  Now I'm nauseous all the time.  When I wake up in the morning I'm fine until I get hungry and eat.  I can't even tolerate liquids because it makes me so nauseous.  I can't ride in the car because I get nauseous just to think about it.  It's making me so depressed that I can't control it and I cry when I'm alone because I just want to be normal again.

I was supposed to start exercising and going on a healthier diet, but I read I can't eat fiber because it takes longer to digest.  (The diet was yougurt, wheat cereal and fruit for breakfast and lunch, and a meal for dinner, with fruit snacks in between).  I can tolerate some liquids like soup, but only a small amount and the problem is that I get hungry so quick again.

I've wondered if taking medicine like Pepto Bismol for the nausea would be a good idea.  Please, let me know your suggestions and comments.  My boyfriend's always been very supportive, but I don't know what's wrong now because I talk to him about it and he doesn't even say anything.

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions in advance.
Mishanne Mishanne
Aug 24, 2011