New With Gp And Need Lots Of Advice

Hello, I am new to this page. I have been diagnosed with diabetic gastroparesis and have been suffering with it so badly for over 2 years now. I also have atrophic gastritis (no acid in my stomach) and I have the worst time finding foods I can eat that does not make me double over in pain. I do not know other people who have this disease to get help from and really need some support. I was just in the hospital about a month ago and they tried to put a nasogastric tube in but I had just had sinus surgery a few months prior to this hospital stay and the tube caused my sinuses to hemorrhage so they had to take the tube out. I been trying to eat 6 small meals per day but it is hard to figure out what actually constitutes as a small meal. So many different opinions out there. Right now I am just on reglan, protnix and bentyl. Are there other medications that help or other treatments that help with the pain? I would appreciate any suggestions or help. Thank you
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1 Response May 6, 2012

Reglan doesn't work and has nasty side effects. Protonix is a PPI that stops the excess acid in your guts. Bentyl is another drug that relaxes the guts. Ask your Dr for Zofran,4mg tabs. That works for the nausea most of the time. I just wonder if you have NO acid in your stomach,why is he giving you Protonix? You can also try medical marijuana if you live in a pro MMJ state. It WORKS. Once you start looking at MJ as a medicine,you realize it has many different uses,not just getting stoned from it.