Gastroparisis For 4 Years Now And Trying To Get On Marinol

I have been diagnosed with severe gastroparisis and have had the disease for over four years now. Im constantly nauseated and vomiting and have a history of aspiratiting at night from throwing up in my sleep. I have hardly any appetite and have lost over 40 lbs over the last four years due to this disease. I am on reglan 3 times a day which helps some but not much. I have tried promethazine and phenagran for my nausea which doesnt help any more. Im trying to get put on marinol and have seen where it has helped alot of people cope with the nausea and vomiting better than other drugs out there. Im on caresource and trying to get them to prior authorization this medication is begining to be a hassel. Caresource tells me they declined the prior auth due to the fact that the doctor didnt list any chart notes to accompany my medical condition. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to have my doctor tell this insurance company to help get this drug i dessperatley need. I would just like to try and live a somewhat normal life with less or no nausea and vomiting especially the aspirating at night and be able to sleep and function somewhat normally. any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

remloc1 remloc1
41-45, M
May 14, 2012