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I was diagnosed with Raynauds a few years ago and then hello  this crazy life interference about 1 year ago.  I am an active runner and started noticing stomach issues, but what I really noticed was I could not breathe anymore.  Let me paint the picture.....I competed in a lot of races, but one in particular I was running and literally started sucking for any air available to the point that I thought I was going to pass out.  This went on for a few races and my journey and frustratens began.  From allergy doctors, ENT's, GP's and finally to a gastro dr.
After several tests the result was in ....Gastroparesis!  My world began to change, but with a positive attitude.  I tried to take the medicines avaiable (except for Reglan) and I am allergic to all, not a great feeling.  Ok, so at the same time I made the extreme diet change.  The diet change was hard, due to the fact that I LOVE food....thats one of the reasons that I run.  Well, time has passed and I am finally out of the "I am so mad that you get to eat everything and I don't" phase.  One major issue that I am currently having is my hair is falling out BADLY!  My GP did my bloodwork on a shoot from the hip call I made and said..All looks good.  Whatever!!!  Something is going on so come on lets figure this out.
As I mentioned I eat super clean, work out and run.  I refuse for this to run my life.  So, could I not be taking enough fat?  I don't know and no one else seems to either.
I am reaching out to anyone that has experienced the extreme hair loss.  I really like my hair hello I'm a woman....enough said.  Just to let you know through all of this I have never stopped!!! It cannot win....:)
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1 Response May 18, 2012

My hair started falling out... I remember when it started I had never lost hair like that in the shower but all my friends assured me it was " normal" then my stomach started hurting more and more so I cut out more food ( I had already switched to vegetarian ) soni went vegan and that's when it got really bad. One day out of no where I started you know just finger combing my hair to smooth it and I started pulling out handfuls it just kept coming. I went to doctors and they all just kind of shrugged it off. I knew it wasn't normal. Ive been going to doctors ever since its always the same stuff. "your hair looks fine to me" "it's probably stress" "eat more protein" do I started trying to eat everything and anything. But I didn't have my appetite and my stomach bloated and hurt and I would vomit all the time. But doctors wouldn't get over that it was stress and then they even had the nerve to try asking if I was doing it to myself! Anyways I finally got really into researching and found gastroparesis..... I've never been more sure about anything in my life..... I use tons of hair products that make my hair look pretty deceiving but is still rediculously thin. it's a very even hair loss from all over my head Right now all of the hair on my head was what I used to have on one side of my head:/ im still sick all the time. And keep losing weight. Down to 85 today and I'm 23 ... I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get better.... But just thought I'd let you know your not alone!