Will Gp Ever Go Away

I was diagnosed with gastroparesis 2/12 ...in August of 2011 I had an endoscopy due to belching and acid reflux. I was diagnosed with hpylori. My stomach couldn't handle the antibiotics so I ended up in the hospital 3 days before me and my fiancé went to Mexico for a get away vacation. I was devastated. They had me take a zpack which according to the docs it worked. My gi doc at the time kept telling me my pain was caused by stress and that I was depressed. Well yeah I was because I couldn't do a thing it is hard to get up and go to work everyday feeling like you need to vomit. I eventually got tired of this doc so I switched. MN new doc preformed another endoscopy and that did not show hpylori but it showed gastritis. They had me on every pip in the book and I am currently taking defiant 60 mg a day ...which to me makes no difference I still feel yucky. She finally did something about it and ordered a stomach emptying test. And don't ya know it came back that I had gastroparesis. I am in agony most of the time. I was on reglan for about a month and I'm advised to ween myself off of it and I will be starting a new med called domperidone which I have to order from Canada because they do not sell it in the US. I am 23 years old and I love life I wish I could only live it. I feel helpless and it's starting to rub off on the people around me. I cannot be in agony for the rest of my life ...I do not want to die of this or end up with a feeding tube. Someone please give me reassurance because I cannot get it from none else they do not ubderstand my pain. I need help someone please reach out to me and give me good news. Thank you
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I was wondering if you are doing any better? Did your Gastroparesis get better?

I’m so sorry for all of you who’re suffering from gastroparesis. Not too long ago, I was diagnosed with mild gastroparesis. I have seen a lot of doctors, but no one seem to be able to help. They’re prescribing all kind of medications, that I developed Medication-Induced- Lupus. I stopped all medications because they were not helping me. Instead, made me feel worse. What is helping me is eating specific grilled chicken breast, carrots, fish, salmon (grilled), plan baked potatoes/sweet potatoes, white, bread, flower/corn tortillas, white rice, cantaloupe, bananas, papaya and strawberries. I’m sure there are other foods I can eat, but I haven’t try any more. Drink Chamomile tea. No sodas nor orange juice. One of the biggest things that helped me a lot is doing massaged to my stomach. I’m still having issues, but is not as bad as it was before. So, I just went to Bailor in Houston, and Dr. Arevalo order another emptiness of the stomach study again. Today, I got a call from Bailor stating that the test is normal. He also order other tests and after I finished with all these tests will go back to see him, and see what is causing the stomach problem since I don’t have gastroparesis anymore as per the phone call I received today. Good luck to all of you and I hope this tips will help you a little bit.

My story is virtually the same as yours. In August 2013 I had come back off holiday from Portugal with constant belching and stomach pain. I was diagnosed which H Pylori. After taking the antibiotics I felt slightly better but had this burning sensation In my stomach. I had an endoscopy and was diagnosed with Gastritis. Then after being on Ranitidine, Esomeprazole and Lansoperazole for 6 months I come off all them and felt constantly bloated and still had the belching. I then had a Stomach Emptying Test and was diagnosed with Gastroparesis and got put on Domperidone which is helping but I don't fell my symptoms are ever fully going to go away. I was 17 when all this started happening. I believe the PPI's or Acid Tablets play a role in giving you Gastroparesis.

Scott, how are you doing? Did your GP ever get better?

I am 26 and I've been battling this for years without being diagnosed. I was also told that I was depressed. I live in Houston and went to the med center to a baylor gastro.... he said I was depressed. I finally got the emptying test and diagnosis of gastroparesis just last week. I'm starting Reglan today. Diet doesn't help me because I am eating mainly crackers and ginger ale for months. I am hoping this pill helps; like you I am terrified. I can't work or visit friends. I spend 90% of my time in my apartment<br />
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I found this website. This woman is living a normal life, well kind of normal. She got the pace maker that they put into the stomach. I don't want to do it but it may be an option. But this chick has hope, check it out, it's something.<br />
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livingwithgastroparesis.com<br />
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Stay strong.<br />
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My sister who is 23 is also dealing with this painful issue. She had a pacemaker installed on her stomach almost 2 years ago but has still battled with the pain and vomiting. She can't keep anything down and like you is very depressed. Her doctors told her the same thing that you were told. My older sister and I are planning on taking her to Baylor Medical in Houston to get her help. I will let you know how it goes. <br />
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My thoughts are with you.<br />
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