Emptying Procedure

I've had IBS for 25 years and I probably treated the bowel problem, but I was left with delayed gastric emptying, (Gastroparesis). I have been using a procedure for 12 years that treats the gastroparesis, but it is less of a cure and more of an amplification of systems that are already in place to treat gastroparesis. It basically uses the recycling of the sex hormones that is endogenous via the cavernous sinus, (which until recently was thought to be involved in selective brain cooling)to reduce the level of estrogen, via VVS (vertebral venous system pumping) powered by the Omospinal Veins, (recently discovered in fetuses). This recycling system makes sense embyoligically because sex organs are developed by high concentrations of hormones in utero. There must be a system that senses the lack of stomach emptying that spurs on the system. I know that I often get a spontaneous erection during my sleep when my stomach won't empty and it may be increasing testosteone in the prostatic venous loop that would get projected to the cavernous sinus via the VVS. The mysterious system would probably involve the raphe nucleii (causes erections) inserted into the circuit. The emptying procedure involves drinking coffee, rocking side to side, and applying a cervical traction device. The role of each of these sub=procedures is discussed in my blog entry #28, (ibsgroup.org).
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Sep 7, 2012