Amazed And Horrified!

Hello out there, fellow sufferers. I am amazed and horrified at how young so many of you are. I am 66 years and have just been diagnosed after two years of pain and weight loss. In the last six months I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease as well. Some have mentioned a connection to Lupus but as of yet mine has not been diagnosed. Slowly over time I have been withdrawing foods from my diet .I used to be able to eat most things but recently I am on blended soups and crackers. I am taking domperidone, tecta, dicetel, pancreatase. I am about to have a test for stomach emptying and I have the feeling that the rest is up to me and a dietitian. Does anyone have the name of a really good recipe book about gp? I am very interested in the possible connection to Lupus if there is someone out there that has information about that I would be very interested to know about it. Best to all of you out there just trying to get through the day.
suniway suniway
Dec 2, 2012