My Diagnosis And Story

I've been diagnosed with Gastroparesis since i was 17yrs old, or 4 years ago, I am 21 now. Every website i go to tells me about Gastroparesis only being caused by diabetes however i don't have Diabetes so my doctors say it's Idiopathic their way of saying "you have this but we haven't the slightest clue why". For years they've given me medicine (reglan) that slightly helps my digestion but im still vomiting frequently (as in everyday.) My doctors tell me this medicine has a chance of giving me random muscle spasms as a side effect. So far i have not experienced any however everyday im scared something will start twitching. I've had every test they have available, which all came back saying Gastroparesis was what i was experiencing. Ive even had my Gallbladder removed (which was working at zero percent.) After the removal i experienced a let up in my vomiting to once a day ( before i had been vomiting multiple times a day) with occasional "bad days" as i call them which basically feels like the flu. Last time i saw my specialist he told me he doesn't think i have gastroparesis, because i don't have diabetes, even though a third of all chronic cases are idiopathic. I asked him what else he thought could be causing so much pain, nausea, and vomiting. He didn't have an answer. I also asked him why then would a gastric emptying test would take 3 hours or more again, no answer. Honestly i was insulted I think the only reason he doesn't believe it's GP is because i haven't lost any weight in fact in the past 4 years i've gained weight. The only reason this has been possible is because i have been smoking medical marijuana to help with nausea, appetite, and after meal fullness. He has told me he does not agree with marijuana and therefore he felt it necessary to insist i did not have this condition and then give no information as to why he thought that besides that it was Idiopathic and i have not lost weight. Also im not sure the doctors read my file very carefully because he was asking me questions as if i had never had certain procedures done (like the stomach emptying which i had done twice in 3 years, and results were the same or worse)

March 2011 i go in for a routine check up, He turns to me and says "have you had your gallbladder removed then? it says on the computer you have" ... this was the first i had heard the word gallbladder in this office.It turned out i did need it removed however im wondering how they got so many steps ahead of me. When he told me i needed it removed no one had preformed the procedure yet to see. (you drink radioactive liquid it goes through your tract and then finds your gallbladder and shows them how much bile you are producing to help break down food. ) For all he knew my gallbladder could have been perfectly healthy. Needless to say i'm switching my doctor.

One thing that upsets me is that no one knows what gastroparesis is. you tell people and they just kind of look at you like...what? and then you explain and people still can't really fathom a paralyzed stomach. i frequently vomit things i had eaten 6 or more hours prior sometimes it can be a disgusting 12 hr wait until it finally comes up. The other symptoms of this condition are probably the worst part.The vomiting is quick and over in a minute. The pain and nausea last all day, flare up at inconvenient times, and are really the part that makes me upset that there are no treatments that aren't pills or experimental surgeries.

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Hi there,

I read your story and my daughter who is now 17 years old has had gastroparesis for almost 2 years now and I think it is a miracle that we found out that the root to this
awful chronic illness was her thyroid disorder (hyperthyrodism).....we were told it was
idiopathic or post-viral since she doesn't have diabetes. As I have mentioned in my other posts, you should ask your doctor to check your TSH, your Free T3 and Free T4 to ensure you do not have any endocrine disorder.....which is another contributor to gastroparesis but many doctors never check out this problem. My daughter is slowly seeing improvements now that she has regulated her thyroid levels.......I am trying to promote this since many many doctors had seen her and not any had suggested this as a possible cause.
My best wishes to you that you find a reason for your GP.