Anyone Taking Domperidone?

I was recently diagnosed with Gastroparesis after a positive gastric empying test. After some time with symptons of this dreadful condition I suspected It was Gastroparesis and voiced concerned at my endocrine appointment, have diabetes too which I was told is the reason I have this. I saw a gastroenterologist, was prescribed domperidone which isnt available is the USA/not FDA approved and I have to get it either from a compounding pharmacy or Canada. I'm a bit leery about a medicine that isnt fda approved and Im wondering is anyone else on this medication? If so, has it helped your symptoms? Are side effects worth the risk? Right now I vomit multiple times daily. Even smells will trigger a vomiting episode, I cant eat anything solid! My stomach hurts, my throat and chest burn, my blood sugars are all over the map. This is the worse thing ever to have to live with. Help.
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After a tremendous amount of suffering, this drug has saved my life. You shouldn't worry about taking it unless you're breastfeeding or have an unhealthy heart.
The cheapest way to get it is to get it from this place in Vanuatu. The domain is vu, and the portion that precedes that is inhousechemist. You don't need a prescription if you pay via e-check, and you receive an additional discount. The tablets are made in France.

I've had gastroparesis for a bout a year. I'm on reglan and sulfran and some suppositories but the oral meds are not helping. I'm in and out of the hospital every other day it has now come to the point that ER doctors are getting tired of me. I recently received surgery for a gastric pacemaker. It's not working though :( the surgeon said that it could take up to 6 months to a year for results. My disease has been getting worse. I can't work, can't go to school, can't do the normal activities I used to do. It has come to the point that I need to try out DOMPERIDONE. After reading all your comments, I truly hope it helps. Being scared to eat is not the way to live. Thoughts of suicide because of the depression have become regularly. I truly hope that every one of you who has been diagnosed with GP gets well. This is a bad disease. Wish you all luck and let's cross our fingers that this new medicine helps me out.

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I have had gastropreasis for 5 years and I'm 20. I don't have diabetes and the reason for my GP is unknown, I went a year and half Undiagnosed because apparently doctors around here didn't even know what it was, I went 3 more years on meds that just masked my disease and symptoms..zophran for vomiting cyproheptadine which knocked me out for 3 days from the drowsiness side effect of that med. which was inconvenient for me being a college student. Along with a string of other drugs. I switched doctors just by chance and the first visit he took me off ALL my meds, I was really uneasy about this but did as he said he did try lenzis on me first which made me very sick and then after that didn't work put me on domperidone alone, after 5 years I can finally eat, not get sick after eat, don't vomit several times a night, I have my energy and weight back and I feel so much better, it expensive and can only be made at certain pharmacies but after 5 years of trying all the drugs out there for GP and I only have to take this 1 pill is a miracle. I've been on it for over a month and have only experienced dry mouth as a side effect. I definitely recommend this medicene, it's life altering.

domperidone has improved my life drastically, you should also look up studys on domperidone with DGE which has found it improves quality of life. Since taking it I have not been malnourished, had severe vomiting or acid reflux. Also since not being able to afford domperidone for the past 3 months my symptoms have increased dramatically and I barely eat again. However domperidone is not the only fix I was also given acid regulators and I still take antiacid medication such as peptic, as it doesn't remove the issue just helps manage the effects

I have been a type 1 diabetic for 38 years. I was diagnosed with gastroparesis approx. 10 years ago. My blood sugars were very low and in the high 30s for months.(as well bloating and nausea) Domperidone did nothing for me. I went to a health food store owned by two sisters that devoted their lives to helping people through natural remedies and they told me to try Swedish Bitters. The day I tried it I never looked back.(it started working that evening). I take approx. a little bit more than 1 tsp. every morning and I do not have any symptoms of gastroparesis. I find the most effective is to mix it yourself with vodka. You can also mix it with water but I found it doesn.t work as well. It can also be purchased pre-mixed but can be expensive.Some in the medical field said to me "well if you want to waste your money..". Well I tried the presc<x>ription and this saved me.I found no side effects but it doesn't taste very good. I hope it works for you too.

Where can I obtain these swedish bitters? I have no nausea or vomiting. But DEF delayed gastric emptying. And no digestive enzymes work for me, nor did Reglan. I live in Cali.

Oh yes it has improved me so much! I was diagnosed in 2009 and I threw up 3 to 4 times a day! I was finally given Domperidone 6 months ago and I may throw up two or three times a week! Give it a try!

I was diagnosed.twoyears ago. Took Domperdome for a year, help.for about six months, then subsided. Doc has been wanting me to come in to discuss gastric.pacemaker. dont want this. Very sick right now. Grieving over loss son.. dont want bills..still working but difficult. No one has a clue how sick this makes you, unless you have it.

I have been taking domperidone for about 4 years. I have had no adverse side effects from it. I, too, get it from Canada and have had no problems. It doesn't work as well as Reglan does, but it doesn't have the nasty side effects either. It should definitely decrease the vomiting but may take a while. Good luck

My wife has taken it for a few years with no negative results, It helps her a lot but as soon as she feels real she goes off her diet,It is a vicious circle. She is going on 83 years of age.
Her doctor refuses to prescribe Reglen, said it has very bad irreversable side effects.

it is a vicious circle for sure. Reglan has horrible long term side effects similar to a Parkinson's disease or movement disorders

My daughter has taken domperidone for almost 2 years now and it has definitely helped her stop vomiting.....she used to vomit about 8 times a day. My daughter is the one I wrote about that we found out it was all related to her undiagnosed thyroid problem. Try asking your doctor to check your TSH, your Free T3 and Free never know if there is a problem could be the underlying problem to your gastroparesis problems.

sorry to hear about your daughters condition, hope she's fearing well. Thyroid was the first thing they checked on me. Mine is directly related to diabetes. I just started the domperidone yesterday, still having stomach pain but havent vomited yet today. I hopeful this will help.

I have tried Triphala for this which is available in most Indian grocerries. This is just a herb but works great .

huummm...i wonder in what way it helps? does it take away nausea, vomiting and bloating or does it aid in gastric emptying? I am willing to try things that may help, right now I just paid $134.00 for a months supply of domperidone...

I was very sick for about 3 years before I was diagnosed with gastroparesis. Over that time I lost 70 lbs, had pancreatitis, almost died, and then my gall bladder failed due to not being able to eat. I went 6 months without being able to eat solid food at all, and then finally found my doctor at Temple University Hospital, and he prescribed domperidone. I get it from a compounding rx near Philadelphia and they mail it to me every month. It only costs me $55. Let me know if you want the name of the pharmacy. By now youse have stopped taking it or you have been on it a while. I was reading your post bc I'm trying to figure out how long people stay on this drug. I've been on it one year and have improved incredibly. I can eat and as long as I don't eat foods that are too high in fiber or fat, or eat too much at one time, I do not vomit anymore and I have significantly less pain. I've had side effects of hot flashes and haven't gotten my period in 8-9 months. I feel like that's not great, but would trade my period for being able to eat food relatively comfortably any day of the week! I hope this is helpful and that you're feeling better.

I would love the name of the pharmacy. Do you need a prescription? I hope you are continuing to do well. My 28 year old daughter, type 1 diabetic, is very ill, losing weight, and hating reglan. She's only been on it for a week but it makes her feel just awful. I do not see her being on this drug for long. Thanks.

Aoburke - you do need a prescription for domperidone as far as I know. And most doctors can not write a rx for it because it is not FDA approved. So, here's my doctor's info: Dr. Robert Fisher, Temple University Hospital. He has a special license to prescribe it. And I fill it at the Medicine Shoppe (a compounding pharmacy) in Reading, Pennsylvania. They are wonderful there - they set me up with an automatic renewal and mail me my rx every month. (610) 378-1396
If you are going to try to get in with Dr. Fisher (literally saved my life, people come from Alaska to see him), call them soon - it takes a few months to get an appointment. Best of luck.

Thank you for the info. This is the most frightening disease. Anyone ever heard of Cisapride? Sounds similar to domperidone.

It worked very well for me as it helps gastric emptying and detoxicating. I would take it after every meal.
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