Recently Diagnosed With Diabetic Gastroparesis, Bile Reflux, And Gastritis

Hi, I am a 27 year old female in the US. Most of my life has been a battle. Stomach problems was not my main issue, it was my female organs. I have had several surgeries and procedures pertaining to that. I was finally diagnosed in 2006 with PCOS- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with Insulin Resistance. I started taking Metformin 500mg-2000mg. I have been off and on it ever since. I'm going to fast forward to 2012. I started seeing a new Primary Care Physician and he got my blood pressure and Insulin Resistance under control. Once again I was put back on Metformin 500mg. I lost just a few pounds. I started back to college in August and started having diarrhea. I didn't think anything of it other than stress. I went on like this continuously. I even had a bad spell of vomiting. I actually thought I had the flu. This was in September 2012. I lost 11lbs since school started. I went to the doctor and felt for sure I was having gallbladder symptoms. I was nauseated all the time, unable to eat, diarrhea, right quadrant pain, shoulder pain, swelling of the right quadrant, headache on right side of forehead. Classic symptoms. I went for an U/S, CT scan, and a Hida scan. First the U/S showed a polyp in my gallbladder. So my doctor started setting me up for the Hida scan and referring me to a surgeon. In the meantime I was so sick that I was hardly able to walk. So I went to the ER and they couldn't find anything wrong except, low potassium and magnesium. I couldn't work. So I got in the next week for the Hida scan. Couple days later I get a phone call saying I have an appointment with the surgeon. So apparently I had my gallbladder removed in late October 2012. It was not a polyp, but 14 grains of gallstones. He said it was like sand in there. Well I never recovered. I stayed sick all the way to the present time with the same symptoms but with some more added such as; stomach pains, spasms, and some constipation, heartburn, and reflux. On and off again I have vomiting spells but not often with dry heaves. I have been on Zofran and Phenergan this entire battle. The surgeon put me on Prilosec and Lomotil for the diarrhea. He then schedules me for and endoscopy (EGD) in early January 2013. I ate 14 hours before the endo and he still found food in my stomach. He also mentioned I might have IBS- Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The next day after my endo I had a Gastric Emptying test.In the meantime I suffer still for another 2 weeks for my doctor's visit. I go back to the surgeon and he diagnosis me with Gastroparesis, Bile Reflux, and Gastritis. I am now on Reglan 5mg 4 times a day for 6 weeks, and then go from there. I have not felt any better. I feel like I have the flu all the time. My bowels now are slower and I haven't had diarrhea in about a month. I have horrible pains in my stomach and chest. Sometimes accompanied with a terrible burning sensation. I am following a strict gastroparesis diet. I eat 6 times a day very small things, stand and walk afterwards. I have lost most of my energy, so I started drinking nutritional drinks. No help. AND I have LOST 45lbs. I have lost this weight since September 2012. Now I stay scared of the future. What will happen next? Will it just get worse as time goes on? This is my life for the rest of my life??? This is how it's going to be? I'm not happy and I know I'm not healthy. I pray they find a cure! <3
Shandi85 Shandi85
Jan 24, 2013