Gastroparesis This Is My Story

It was late August 2012 when I started to get sick. I had oral surgery on the 27 th. It was a bone graft and a tooth was reconstructed. They gave me a lot of medication for it and painkillers. For the first few days I couldn't eat solid foods. Liquids only. Then my troubles started. From day two I started feeling nausea and vomiting. It was every day. I only vomited once a day but it was a regular thing. I ended up in the ER room the following Sunday night. Got iV fluids and said you have a stomach bug. The vomits continued. On Monday I went to an internal doctor. She sent me for an ultrasound. Nothing. I also had blood work done. That is when things started to happen. Tests said I had elevated liver count and hepatitas. I am now with my GI doctor. That was the next day. He redid the blood work and said it was negative. Lucky me. I then started getting tested. Upper Gi, EGD, gastric emptying test, Catscan, the EGD said it was Gastritis, and the gastric emptying test confirmed Gastroparesis.
I got medication for it. Relgan. Didn't work. I have been on so many meds and now liquid purée diet, nothing helps up to four vomits a day. Even liquids don't hold me. I am going to Temple University Doctor for other options. I still have had no surgery so maybe that is coming. That is where I am to date with gastroparesis story.
Countrymon50 Countrymon50
Jan 29, 2013